Help with a Cycle

If you were 6-1, 240, lots of BF but had 21 vials of winny, and 5 bottles of test cyp 10ml 200mg/ml what cycle would you do to help along with diet/cardio cut the fat and add muscle? Just curious!

How long have you been working out? How old are you? I can’t think of too many situations where a person with lots of BF should use AAS.


50yrs, lifting seriously since I was 25 and using many different compounds. broke a bone in my arm a couple years ago and let myself go. most of my bf is gut and lower back. thanks for the response.

Ok what amount of test is your body used to? Assuming a novice a typical dose of the test in 600-750mg a week for 12 weeks and winny for the last 6 of the 12. But still… I think getting your BF in check first would be wiser.

At age 50 you should probably sell the 21 vials of winny and use the money to do literally anything else with. Lose the bf by diet and training over the next six months, then think about hitting the test long term. Alternatively, you could start cruising while you’re cutting and then run a blast after you’ve shed some of that fat. I gotta think that pct is pretty rough at 50, so cruising seems like it’s in your future.