Help With a Belt

I was talking to a friend in the gym last night and he was asking about a belt and if there was anything out there he could use.

The problem is that he has no legs and a tube coming out of his lower belly in place of the normal urination method.

Before the op that gave him the tube (op was due to kidney failure) he used to wear a normal belt which helped vastly with his rows & lifts in general. He has a curved spine due to living almost his entire adult life in a wheel chair and apparently the belt he used to use allowed him to train just a bit harder.

He feels like his strength is suffering because of not being able to train as hard and as you can imagine having no legs, his arms and ‘upper’ body are extremely important to him.

Does anyone have any ideas, links, advice that I can pass on?

Thanks in advance.


Dude I feel for your friend, but beyond saying that it would SEEM that a nylon belt of medium width would be better than a stiff wide leather one, I don’t know how anyone not having dealt directly with a similar situation could even comment intelligently on this.

Cheers Tiribulus - That’s kind of what I’d figured anyway but I thought I’d throw it out to T-Nation and see if there was any magical answer to the problem.

I’ll get in touch with some of the paraplegic sporting societies.

Thanks again.