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Help with a 6 pack

My goal is a 6 pack, by September… I know it’s mostly diet…

This is my diet:
8:30/Whey W/ Water, 3 eggs, oatmeal


12:30/chicken breast, veggies, rice


4:00/Chicken Breast, veggies


6:00/Whey W/ Water, Oatmeal


10:00/ Whey W/ Milk

For abs, I’m going to do: 4 sets of 20 for…
90 degree crunches, twist crunches, and reverse crunches… 3 times/week.
I was gonna do this split:
Monday: Off
Tuesday: Legs
Wednesday: abs
Thursday: Back/Biceps/Forearms
Friday: Shoulders/Abs
Saturday: OFF
Sunday: Chest/Triceps

I read this: http://testosterone.net/html/33plain.html
so, I dont think i’m gonna do cardio. The routine at the end of it seemed kinf of interesting…

Anyone have any suggestions for me to teach my goal…? Im 165/5’11

I looked @ the anabolic diet article, and the germany body composition (jelly) article… Do you think an anabolic diet and a gbc type of routine would be good for my goals? I’m thinking of trying it…


Check out Berrardi’s “Winning Formula” articles. I’ve been incorporating his principles with a 5x5 weight-training program, and the difference was almost immediate. He has both cardio and sprint work in his plan. Also, why are you doing so much ab work? If you want “deep cuts” in your abs, you probably want to be doing weighted excercises with them once or twice a week.

Check the other post to determine all the information you left out! Example: Current % of body fat. Daily calories and ratios (turkey could mean anything from a single slice of lunch meat to a whole bird).
Here is a little help. Take 165 X 13 = 2,145. This is your starting point for daily calorie intake. If you know your Lean Body Weight make sure you are getting 1 gram to 1.5 grams of protein. The reast of your calories should be from carbs and good fats. Check the Don’t Diet plan posted on this website. Best of Luck.

Ok, thanks…
What do you guys think of the T-Dawg diet? I think i’m gonna give that a try. I’m new to BB’n, do yo think that would be a good starting diet? I think I’m gonna try a GBC type routine, too… Do you think this would be good for my goals?

If you do well on low carb diets, T-Dawg can be great. If you’re like I am, low carb will drive you insane. I get no cravings, however, when I incorporate a reasonable amount of good low GI, low II foods.

Ive got my 6pac with just regular crunches and a good diet. The trick is to go really slow going up and slower going down that way u tire out the muscle and build more.It just takes time. believe me you dont need those twist and reverse crunches.

Hey! What does all of this have to do with beer?

Use weight!!! I believe it gives you thicker abs, allowing them to be more easily seen.

Ok, well thanks for the replies…

I think i’m gonna do meltdown training, and the T-Dawg diet… I’m gonna switch the swiss ball crunches to Weighted crunches, and i’ll probably stick with the hanging leg raises, but I might switch that to something else too.
For the weighted crunches, what would be a good weight to start with? And should I use 123 TUT? I’m pretty new to all this, so I don’t know if low carb diets work for me… I’m gonna try it though…