Help with 8x3 Workout

Hello, Aditya here. I have been working out for 4 months. I have a problem with my reps. Just read about Waterbury’s 24-50 set/rep routine. For increasing strength with some hypertrophy it is advised to do 8x3 per exercise with a load of 80% of your 1RM (according to the article). My 1RM for pull ups and chin ups is 18kg and 20kg resp. Now the problem is I cant do 3 reps with 80% of my 1RM. So should I reduce the weight till I can do three reps or should I keep training with 80% of 1 RM?

You calculated 1rm for chins incorrectly. You are lifting your bodyweight AND added weight for chins. Add those 2 together to base your percentages.

Waterbury generally recommended using a weight you can get 6 good reps with (not 5 good reps and one ugly grinder) for that type of work. That’s usually around 80% for most people, but if it’s not, no biggie. Getting proper volume with good bar speed-per-rep is more important.

But yeah, like Pwnisher said, calculating the numbers is kinda important too because that’s how math works.

How many reps can you do using 80%?

This seems unrealistic. Generally speaking:
2rm is ~95%
3rm is ~90%
5rm is ~85%

If you can’t do 3 reps with 80% then you’ve drastically overestimated your 1rm

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