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Help with 6-7 Months of Back and Hip Pain


Hi everybody,

I’m new to forum settings but I’m quickly losing hope and is ready to turn things around. I have been facing with hip pain for about 6-7 months now. It all started when I was deadlifting sumo and on one of my top sets I felt something on the left side of my hip. The area is on the posterior side I’d say right above the glute. Since then I’ve been having trouble squatting and deadlifting without pain. Since then the pain has gotten worse. I can’t bend forward without feeling pain. I have to walk as if I am dragging my left leg. I’ve been feeling a pain similar to sciatica. Recently it has gotten even worst! Now I’ve noticed that I have a forward learn in my torso and extreme tightness in my lowerback. I do have a herniated disk in the L5-S1 region(if i remember correctly).

Any ideas on rehab exercises or approaches?


Obviously you’ll need to remedy the tightness and correct your posture but go to a doctor!

I have a herniated L3/L4. I aggravated it in 2014 and the disc swelled to the point that it pinched a nerve. I lost feeling in my shin and my medial quad quit working. Seriously, I couldn’t flex the muscle or do a leg extension with 30lbs.

My road to recovery included trips to a chiropractor who does a lot of active release technique therapy. It’s essentially tissue massage where you’re tight with the hopes of those areas releasing and allowing your body to return to a balanced state. In your case they’d focus on your low back, glutes, and hips.

I think my body needed time to heal. Once the disc swelling decreased I regained my strength and the pain subsided. The tissue and strength work I did helped speed up the process.

I think your first step is to truly identify the problem via a medical professional.

Good luck!