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Help with 531 Program

On this program’s spreadsheet, the percentages of the secondary lifts are very low. For example, after bench, on ohp, my training max is 170 it tells me to do 120x8 but I am able to do 145x8.
My question is should I do what the spreadsheet tells me to or should I use something closer to my 8 rep max? Thanks

I’m not sure which spreadsheet you mean, but 120 is 70% of TM and 145 is 85%. The weight usually goes up over time, what’s your template’s progression?

This looks pretty much spot on, especially if you are just starting. Remember that Starting Too Light is one of the major principles of 5/3/1, so take this seriously. You’re not trying to go to failure. If you are just starting out this might seem off to you, and you might be tempted to boost the weight. Don’t. This is one of the biggest mistakes people make starting out. Stay the course, have faith in the program, and stick to the numbers the program calls for. If you try to use too much weight now, you’ll stall out in a few cycles and need to back off. If you Start Too Light and Progress Slowly, the program will work amazingly.

Read one of the actual books or 5 of Jim’s articles on the tnation part of the site here to understand about assistance work

If you could tell us what program you are using, then we might be able to help.
And as the Badger says, read the book or at least read the articles here on T-nation.

I meant nsuns 531. On the day that I have CGPB after bench, it tells me to do 60% of my TM x8. But I am able to do 75% of my TM.

That isn’t a Wendler program. You would need to ask nsuns.


You do 100% all out and give all you have on the 3 main lifts.
CGBP after is supplemental and is NOT meant to be taken to failure or even close to.
It’s volume and technique.
So use the % the program calls for