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Help with 4 Weeks to Bigger Legs Program

Interested in the below but have a few questions

Need to grow legs as a natural lifter

Few questions on this workout are

Should weight increase per set or should it remain the same for all sets?

Increase weights week by week if the set and reps are reached

Is b1 and B2 and c1 and c2 supersets? One after the other ?

Is there an alternative to leg press for 2 mins as I have a home gym with just a squat rack and a pulley system ?

Do you have the option for a low attachment? If so, clip it to a dip belt and do squats that way.

Hi it’s not the squats it’s the leg press

Can I do landmine hack squats ?

Sorry, I meant do squats with the belt attached to the pulley, in lieu of the leg press.

Landmine squats would totally work too. Again though, probably best to hook a belt up to it and landmine belt squats so you can solely concentrate on your legs and not be worried about holding the end of the bar. @T3hPwnisher does landmine squats this way and loves them.

Any tips on making a landmine setup without a landmine device w/out screwing up a barbell? Mostly my worry is about possibly screwing up the spinning action of the barbell sleeve. Am I worrying about something that could actually happen?

My corner would between the foundation of the house, the concrete of the the porch, and dirt from the yard. Yes, the backyard porch is my gym :smiley: