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Help with 3rd Cycle

Hey guys, just wanted to see what y’all thought. Open to suggestions.

Male/27 - 5"10, 190lbs 15%bf
2 previous cycles, eq only, and prop only
Training for 6yrs

I recently picked up 20ML of test cyp, and 30ML of Eq. Both are 250mg/ML.

What I planned on was running was a 400mg/week-cyp and 600mg/week-Eq for 12 weeks.
PCT- clomid 100/100/50/50/50 going to start this on week 14 bc of the long ester of both of the above compounds.

Pin schedule as followed: will stack in the same pin
Monday 1ML/cyp 1ML eq
Thursday .75/cype 1.25ML eq

Goal of cycle is to obtain 12-15lbs of lean mass that I keep. Get the vascular/hard look as well as picking up strength. I understand diet is everything and have been doing A TON of reading on diet a lone. And saving up money just to spend on the plethora of healthy foods,why they cost more ill never know!

I will appreciate any and all advice, no noob attitude here, if it sucks plz tell me why in your opinion.

PS: gear is already bought and I know a lot of people don’t like Eq but I respond well to it.

I would wait 3 weeks to start pct after the last pin of EQ

goals are lofty for the proposed cycle

also your physique indicates that you know very little about diet/training considering this is your third cycle and u have been lifting for 6 years… you may want to remedy this.

no need to waste money on really expensive food… just get lean chicken breasts, oatmeal, and lots of organic butter… cheap, reasonably high quality and effective

like buds said wait til week 3 with eq being such a long ester (half life of 16 days I believe!) more than enanthate or cyp you need to wait longer for those levels to drop before jumping into pct bro