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Help with 3 Questions


I know I'm only 19 but I want to start planning for now. I have made great gains so far natty and T-Nation has helped me alot, I'm planning on staying natty until my mid twenties before starting my first cycle.

Goal Nothing to big (although I will train like an animal for size) Basically I am just doing it for looks. (Please don't judge) It is a fun hobby.

My questions:

1) I'm looking to put on 10 lbs or more of pure muscle (some fat is okay to..not fused) In one cycle & I only plan on doing 1 cycle (seriously) Then maintain Naturally (pct) ect. Will I be able to add 10 lbs in my first cycle? and can the 10lbs realistically be maintained afterwards.

2) Hair loss...I have full head of hair but I heard AAS can cause hair loss..if it does is this only for the period whilst you are on the cycle or when you end the cycle hair loss has been triggered and will continue.

3) Gyno....Can I really get gyno in a small period on my first cycle? Should I take nov or something whilst on a cycle to prevent gyno?

Extra thoughts.

*I have known some guys who just pop pills every day without knowing the first thing about AAS or body-building for that matter and years later they are completely fine. (without cycling)

*Actors use AAS all the time and they don't suffer lots of sides.

  • I plan on doing things properly (blood tests) ect injection over pills (my diet and lifestyle is really healthy..everything is organic)

Thank you for any responses.





  1. depends. 1.a. No one does 'just one cycle'.

  2. hairloss depends mainly on whether you have the MPB gene. For those who dont, shedding is common, but stops after the cycle.

  3. Yes. Yes you should use the ancillary drugs outlined in the beginner sticky. It's there for a reason.

  4. Great. But what does another person's body have to do with yours? (rhetorical question)

  5. How many actors do you know on a personal level to actually know whether they are suffering health effects. In general, most adult men dont suffer any major problems from the responsible use of these drugs. Im not sure what one's profession has to do with anything.

  6. Great. But even doing things properly doesnt guarantee in the slightest that a man will absolutely avoid permanent damage to his endocrine system. There is no such thing as a 100% safe drug. Your aversion to pills is probably misguided.

You should do much more research on all of this. The amount of assumptions made in your post shows you dont have a great grasp on what really matters and what doesnt. Obviously that sort of thing takes time to learn.


DId you really post this OP then bump it 9 minutes later because you hadn't gotten any responses?


Most kids are assholes it seems.


Sorry about that....I have been using another forum as well and did not know how fast posters post here.(steroid forum in particular)


Thanks for the advice,

I posted a question on Anavar as well because I was really interested in it... Apparently It is one of the safest with the least sides being more anabolic. I thought that I could always stay Natural and use anavar in 4 to 6 weeks cycles to every year or so to really smash through after training a while. (sort of like a booster) in conjunction with proper nutrition and supps seeing as the sides of Var are almost none.

any way thanks for the advice I'm going to keep it in mind.


^^^^ all fair points, And I don't have the best grasp but I'm learning. Agreed with the endocrine system point But I figure smaller cycle with safer drugs are less likely to cause problems.

  • just wanted to mention I do know all my family history and what illness they are prone to getting. (kind of just pointing out that I am considering all measures)

Will read the begginer sticky now.


asking now and saying you want to juice in your 20's ???

Yes everyone is going to say you are too young. And yess i agree.

Stop the BS and just say you want to do it now. Noone in their right mind is going to ask about a cycle if they are only planning on doing it in 2 or 3 years time.



If I wanted to do it now I would, Getting any kind of AAS is extremely easy for me and money is no concern.

I have many reason for not doing it now.


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Good grief.

Peanut GTFOH.


YOU are the exact reason AAS remain illegal. And probably a very good argument against those of people like me who believe they should not be.

Yes. Yes you do. Now start applying them.


This shouldn't need to be said, but Peanut... Anavar = Not natural. If you had bothered to type the word Anavar into google you would have known that.


For the fk of sake I know anavar is not natrual...obviously I didn't get my point across.

My point was to stay natural until about say 180 lbs lean and then use anavar in a cycle of about 4 to 6 weeks to increase strength. (Sorts of like a booster)

Anavar is great for increasing strength and has very little sides, and does not need PCT after.


gains on Oxandrolone are nothing like s-drol or some other higher potent shit.


I still believe AAS should be illegal, You seriously think easy access to something like anadrol Is better of then having it banned.

Either way my uncle is a doctor and getting any kind of aas is hardly difficult to attain.

Should also point out it was my uncles suggestion to use anavar for the goals I want.



It's one thing to ask questions. It's entirely different to pass off bro-science as fact.


Not bro science my uncle has done anavar cycles and has his test levels checked before and after anavar, In fact his test was slightly higher afterwards. (30mg dose once a day for 6 weeks)

Anavar does not supress test unless in very high dosages.


Ah yes. The ever reliable 'n=1 sample size'.

n=1 is the DEFINITION of bro science.

There may be situations where somoene has gotten by without PCT (for various steroids), but this does not indicate that PCT is NEVER needed certainly doesnt mean that PCT shouldnt be treated as an integral part of safe steroid use.

Im done here. If you have your doctor uncle as a resource why are you wasting this board's time, combating every piece of advice you receive. I mean it's not surprising from someone your age but I figured you'd get the point by now.


Legality =/= easy access. Please just stop.