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Help with 2nd Cycle PCT

So I started a cycle back in September, my very first one and it was testosterone cyp only at 500mgs. Unfortunately, by week 6, I had a family emergency that kept me out of the gym and messed up my daily routine for a solid 4 weeks, so for 6 weeks I pretty much just stopped and didn’t have PCT on hand or anything. My body bounced back fairly quick and I did not lose strength, no depression/mood swings, libido came back, etc. After this, a friend of mine and bodybuilder at the gym, upped me to 800mg (I have no idea why), but I was not comfortable taking that much after only a couple of weeks so again I stopped. Again, my body bounced back just fine and I felt no negative effects upon stopping for about 4 weeks.

So now, with everything going smoothly in life and being comfortable back on 500mg, I have been on for 6 weeks going into week 7. I planned on making this a 12 week. I am seeing more gains than I ever thought possible and am full of energy, but side effects just started to show up. Acne and libido fluctuations mainly. Water retention isn’t too bad and no gyno what so ever, mood is pretty upbeat most of the tie with a lot of energy, but to counter the other effects i have started taking my .5mg arimidex on pin days (2x a week) as a start. I will be getting blood work in a couple weeks to check my e2 assuming I continue and don’t switch to PCT.

And there lies my question, is it safe for me to finish out this 12 week cycle then take my PCT, or has everything been so out of wack that I should just jump on PCT now before it’s too late? I have made excellent gains despite some inconsistencies and have been having insane workouts and muscle growth/fat loss. So if my best bet is to hop on PCT now, at least I still got something out of this and it should go smoothly next time. I would love some feedback on where to go from here, I want to do this safely and effectively. Thank you guys for your help!

Keep on keeping on. You don’t know what’s possible until you actually finish something.

Probably shouldn’t listen to bodybuilder “friends” in the gym who can’t explain why they’d up a newbie to 800 mgs.

You should always have PCT on hand before even starting a cycle: lesson learned.

I don’t think acne and libido fluctuations is enough to warrant adding arimidex. You need estrogen to have a properly functioning libido anyways. Acne is a minor side effect.

Thanks for your input! Yeah, I was super confused as to why those were my only side effects and if it really warranted A.I. use, came to see that the .5mg of arimidex 2x a week has done nothing for those symptoms at this point and I don’t want to go any higher because I feel too energetic and strong to risk crashing my E2. And yes, lesson learned to definitely have my PCT ready right away. I have my Nolvadex and Clomid ready to go when I finish up. Appreciate your input!