Help With 2nd Blast

Hi All,

I am currently in recovery from a recent hair transplant and am using this plan to design my next cycle. This could potentially include [GH] but welcome your thoughts.

Personal Data:


100kg or (220lbs)
and Calorie Neutral at 3,200 . Pre transplant my strength was within 5% of what it was at the end of my first ever blast. In hindsight I bumped up my calories too much theast few weeks of my blast and didn’t reduce them fast enough at the end. Live and learn.



  1. 12% BF at 95kg (210lbs) and maintaining this long term
  2. Minimise Hair Loss with protocol.
  3. Minimal negative side effects and damage to my body

Important Note:
I know Rome wasn’t built in a day. I don’t need to achieve my goal in 6 weeks post transplant recovery, it would be awesome though. 2 to 3 months is also fine.

TRT Protocol:
100mg per week of [Test Cyp] (micro dosed)
700iu per week HCG (micro dosed)
1/4 (6.25mg) [Exemestane] every 3 days


  1. I can’t train for 4 weeks due to hair transplant. Cut bodyweight via calorie restriction or will I lose too much muscle not lifting at all and cutting for 4 weeks?

  2. I need to drop around 20lbs is 700 calories per day deficit too aggressive?

  3. Cholesterol a little high but have been eating 4 to 6 eggs per day and lots of lean red meats. Should I adjust my diet?

  4. What is ideal blast considering:
    a) hair loss
    b) minimal negative health impact
    c) my goal is to end up lean at around 12% BF at 95kg (210lbs)

  1. Wait until you can lift again before cutting.

  2. Stick with your TRT dose and cut over 3-4 months. With exogenous test i would say a 700 cal deficit would be fine for the first month. Although take it slower after that.

  3. Eat more leaner meats like chicken. Hit the fruit and veg hard.

  4. Reach your ideal body fat % and blast from there. I would just increase your test dose on a blast. Dont mess around with dht derivatives and if health is a concern 19 nor compounds are out of the question.



Thank you @deanis55

Can you advise a bit more on the best compounds?
I was leaning towards npp on top of my trt as it is meant to be easier on the hairline versus test.

NPP is a 19 nor. If health is of importance, i would stay away from it.

What are your goals?

Thanks @deanis55

12% BF at 95kg (210lbs) and maintaining this long term.

At 6ft this has been my long term goal and I think I am around 6 months away from achieving it. I don’t want to look like a huge bodybuilder but rather a narural muscular athlete with good genetics…Visually on the borderline of what can be achieved naturally.

I was 300lbs and couldn’t do a push up 6 years ago. Its been a long road. I didn’t touch trt or anabolics till 1 year ago and have done one blast. I see my long term goal not far away away and hope to maintain that physique while allocating more time to jiu jitsu which became a real passion on this journey.

Other considerations are:

  • Minimise Hair Loss with protocol.
  • Minimal negative side effects and damage to my body

Thanks for all the help.

EQ is probably the middle ground as far as hair safe and not overly bad for your body. I have not used it (nor will I) but it doesn’t have a reputation for causing shedding. I think nandrolone is a great drug for building mass, but the risks associated with it are not worth it to me. @deanis55 seems to agree. If health is at the top of the list of important things then unfortunately that leaves you with only a few options. If hair safety is #2 on the list then you’ve winnowed down your choices to maybe two of three drugs.


Thanks @iron_yuppie
You were a great help last blast and thanks for chiming in.

I thought npp was quite mild like deca but noted and will take on board for sure.

My research shows these have a good ratio of androgen to anabolic ratio:

Anadrol 50 (Oxymetholone)
45 : 320

Genabol (Norbolethone)
17 : 350

Oral Turinabol
0 : 100+

Oranobol (Oxymestarone)
50 : 330

Protabol (Thiomesterone)
61 : 456

Apologies, i forgot you mentioned this in your original post.

I believe this to be attainable on a test only blast and your current trt dose when not blasting.

Cut for 3-4 months, drop 20 pounds then run a test blast at 5-600mg p/w for 3 months, gain 10-12 pounds and your there.

If your diet and training is on point your goal should be relatively simple to attain over the next 7 months.

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Thanks @deanis55

My only concern with a test blast is hair loss. That a lot of dht running around my scalp.

I think this is attainable on TRT only. At that point it just comes down to dietary discipline for cutting and then CLEAN bulking. I think TRT only is your best bet to not ruin your hair transplant also. I’m no expert in hair loss or growth, but I would imagine that minimizing hormone changes is best.

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Your answer is one of the most expensive and hardest to find drugs: trestolone, aka MENT (7a-methyl-19nortestosterone). Zero conversion to DHT, massively anabolic, and pretty much the top of the heap when it comes to size and strength. Years ago guys went too high and coupled it with high testosterone and e2 got unmanageable. But lately it’s being used more carefully and results seem to be unreal. I’m about to start it in a few days (I’ll be logging the process) and it’s worth investigating.


Good luck @iron_yuppie and keep me posted bud

So little info of people using it online. What I did find makes it look amazing though. Everything I found online was from weird fitness/steroid blogs that didn’t have much real information.

Ignore most of the anecdotes and focus in on the clinical trials. There were enough of them for us to build out a model for what to expect. I would bet that very low test or no test at all coupled with trest and low dose primo would be the most incredible trt/cruise protocol you could design.

How much ment do you plan on using for your blast?

This will not be a blast. Not at first anyway. I will be using 5mg/d with testosterone at 80mg/w. I’ll slowly taper the test down and see how low it can go before I notice it. Perhaps I don’t notice it at all? Unsure what to expect but it’ll be a fun experiment. At some point I will go zero test and just trest and primo at perhaps 100mg/w, if I find that I need some DHT. But a lot of the clinical data show that DHT isn’t necessary for a large portion of men, despite what we would have all assumed.

After I’ve gathered good data on this I’ll likely blast at perhaps 10-15mg/d and a truckload of primo. I’ll also add in GH in January, or at least that’s the plan. Evidently I have an inexhaustible supply of money for this sort of thing. (I don’t)

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I like your idea to be honest.

@iambackjack If you want to minimise all risks this is the way to go. Will take you longer but you wont have to worry about health or hair loss.