Help with 20 Basic Cycle PCT!


24 y/o
6 foot 5
about 12% bf


  • feb 24- started Test p, 1.5ml EOD
  • march 19 - started Mast prop 1ml EOD for 11 weeks till May 31 (competed in mens physique may 24)
  • Been riding on Test P 2ml EOD since may 31 till current

arimidex on hand

my question is what sort of a PCT should I do after such a long cycle? I was thinking a HCG blast while ending the cycle proceeding to standard Nolva/clomid. what do you guys think? I want to retain as many gains as possible obviously and also want to keep sex drive. give me some options, thanks

ive run a 20 week cycle

started the first 12 with e esters then last 8 with prop esters

going to run nolva along with aromasin, also did hcg last 2 weeks of cycle at 1000ui eod

im running the nolv till i feel good, guessing its going to be 10 weeks or more for that long a cycle!