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Help with 2 Mile Run


Ok, so here's the story.

I got a PT Test coming up for the army, and I'm good all except my 2 mile run. I max pushups and situps with no problem, but since I have bulked to the 205 lbs. area, my two mile has suffered. I could have done more to keep it up, but I had different priorities for a while.

Any tips for shortening run time for a medium sized guy would be very helpful.

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Before I shipped off to boot camp my recruiter told me it would be in my best interest to start running every morning.

I was on the delayed entry program, so I had 2 months before reporting to boot camp.

So I ran. EVERY SINGLE MORNING. For an hour regardless of distance.

When I got to boot camp, I had one of the top running times in our company.

Some of the things that my recruiter suggested were fartlek runs.

Not trying to sound like a dick, but if you want to get your run times down - just run.


Run more?




Run more, but mix it up. One long day, one day of track sprints, one fartlek day and another 2-mile "test" day. Just my 2 cents.


Yeah, Yeah, run more. I knew that I would get that. Back when I was active though I was a whopping 173, and I know it can be done, but I really wanna stay above 200. I worked my ass off to get here. I'm not saying I'm gonna fail, I still run a 15:00 flat, but how can I drop those last few seconds. I guess I shoulda said that before. BTW I am 23 years old.

And I do run every other day. Just so you know.

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I'm gonna get shat on, but look up the Crossfit Endurance website. Do the SC (short course) workouts. Just another suggestion.


On one of your run days each week... hit the track. One lap as fast as you can, rest 2 minutes. Two laps as fast as you can, rest two minutes. Three laps as fast as you can, rest two minutes. Three laps, rest two minutes. Two laps, rest two minutes. One lap... DONE!

I did this a few years ago when I took command of my battery, and got my two mile run time back down to under 14:00 (from around 16:30... it took a little over a month though), and my four mile run time under 30:00 (XVIII ABN corps standards stuff)... Height 67", weight 205, age 31 (at the time)... Good luck


I'm in the same kind of situation. I have a PT Test for ROTC coming up in two months and I've really been a bitch when it comes to getting my ass to the track. I've bulked from 140 lbs-195 lbs in the past year (just started lifting last year) and am afraid of losing any of that weight. But that's just me making excuses, well time to go run.


I really diggin this approach for one of my days. What else did you do on the other days? (If you don't mind me asking.)


Most other days would either be a short fast run (but no less than 3 miles) or a long slow run (usually 5-6, but on rare occasions 8), and every now again I would throw in a ruck run (about 35 lbs, and 4-5 miles)... of course I'm not including the weight lifting or swimming in there...