Help with 1st cycle

Regarding a sustanon and anabol cycle. Below refers to the dosages of sustanon injected, the days of injection, and the amount of sus in the system, since the 1/2 life is 15days.

1)inj 1000mg : 1000mg in system
3)inj 250mg + 871mg still in system : 1121mg after inj
7)inj 250mg + 932 mg still in system : 1182mg after inj
10)inj 250mg + 1029mg still in system : 1279mg after inj
14)inj 250mg + 1063 mg still in system : 1313mg after inj
17)inj 250mg + 1143 mg still in system : 1393mg after inj
21)inj 250mg + 1158mg still in system : 1408mg after inj
24)inj 250mg + 1226mg still in system : 1476mg after inj
28)inj 250mg + 1227mg still in system : 1477mg after inj
31)inj 250mg + 1286mg still in system : 1536mg after inj
35)inj 250mg + 1276mg still in system : 1526mg after inj
38)inj 250mg + 1328mg still in system : 1578mg after inj
45)inj 250mg + 1142mg still in system : 1392mg after inj
56)inj 250mg + 837mg still in system : 1087mg after inj

  1. 412mg still in system ? clomid start
  2. 103mg still in system

Would the above, stacked with 30mg anabol for 4 weeks be a good idea for a first time user?
Age= 21, BW = 184lbs, 12% fat, Height = 5?11. Trained for 4 years.
I have the gear now, but going to wait for about 6 months to reduce %age fat first- no rush.
If this cycle would work well, when should clomid therapy finish? As from what iv worked out, if sustanon has a half life of 15days, there would still be 103mg left in the body after 51 days from last inj. Please correct me if this is wrong.
Also would HCG be needed before the clomid therapy ? if so when?
I have heard that using 10mg of anabol in the morning during clomid therapy can counteract some muscle loss, without causing further suppression of natural test. Is this true?
I will be using nolvadex and proviron as through cycle anti- estrogens. How would I best use these with the cycle?
Finally would proscar at 2.5mg a day during the cycle be a good idea, as I think I may be susceptable to hair loss ? Victory V hairline starting to emerge.
Any information will be greatly appreciated.


ok so at the age of 21 what the heck would prompt you to join the dark side at this time in your life.

hey, I’m 21!
I have a friend, a competitive bodybuilder who went to the nationals at the age of 21 too. And let me tell you, he wouldn’t have got there without the darkside.

I’ll respond to this when I have more time

Archiac, have you looked at his post and stats. He is 5’11 and 184lbs with 12% bf, now matt don’t get me wrong you do have some weight on me but, you also have another 20lbs if not more before your body comes close to any limits or real platues. I mean come on you guys are juicing up at what should be the height of your natural testicular lives. In another 10 or 20 years if you have put your nuts through too much you may have to rely on injections just to give some to your old lady. Hey guys bodybuilding and being huge are sweet things but, you could be messing with the shelf life of your erections here and that just doesn’t sound like fun to me. So unless you are going to throw away your lives and become pros why not wait a while and keep going slow and steady till your natural test begans to dip a little.
Ok I’m done nagging. Just my thoughts, do what you will and please do it safely with many gains if you go against this fellow young guys advice.

I don’t mind waiting another year or 2 if my age is such a problem. It probably doesn’t make a difference but Im actually 22 on friday. Iv put off using since I was 19, and still have 8 amps of sustanon from then. I am quite glad I didn’t use at that age to be fair.
There are probably more people below 20 using than you would think, none of the people I know that have, have had real problems (they could do down the line, so that isn’t really a defence I know). Its just that I can think of quite a few that I know have used in their teens.
My reasons are curiosity, I have been fascinated by steroids for a while- sad but true, possibly because Im a 3rd yr biochem student, and the pharmacology of these drugs actually interests me, because although not in detail, we have had lectures in how steroids (not synthetic anabolics analogous to test, but test, corticosteroids etc) work.
Quite a few of my gym buddies use - and quite a lot (in relative terms) are on my course, so maybe they’re using for similar reasons to me.
Also I love going to the gym and seeing improvements.
Also of course sheer vanity.
I haven’t heard of juicing causing permanent effects to the HPTA though, so will it really have detrimental effects down the line as you say darkangel? I have little knowledge in this area, and if this is the case it will certainly put me off using at least for now.
Also I realise I probably haven’t reached my potential, but who does? You would have to do everything right without getting an injury or using supplements for about 10 years or so.
I have however put on more than 40lbs of muscle and almost tripled my strength since I first started.
I don’t think I could naturally put on more than 15lbs from now, as I have researched and practised training methods- mostly from this site, and eat in a similar manner to what J.Bernadi suggests in his massive eating diet, when bulking. But the gains, if any are extreemly slow.
Anyway, can anyone help with the questions in my first post?

Thanks again

I’m 23 tomorrow on Apr 1st! Yay for us!

Your half life calculations are a little off.

Remember sustenon comprises 4 esters

testosterone propinate…30mg(2 d)
testosterone phenylpropinate…60mg(4 d)
testosterone isocaproate…60mg(9 d)
testosterone deconoate…100mg(15d)

Sustenon and dbol is going to cause a lot of water retention. Water retetion sucks!

I dunno if you have april fools day in the US, but we do in the UK. I was lucky, missed it by 3hrs. Id get pissed off if ppl gave me fool presents

I reached my natural peak when I was 23 then wasted 3 years of time and money on supplements that didn’t work thinking I could get bigger… then again at that point I had been working out for 9 years!

Thanks prisoner, this may be a stupid question, but is there any non-prescription duiretics that will help with water and sodium retention. What about reducing salt intake to an absolute minimum. Also will the nolva and proviron help with this?

These anabolic drugs exert effects at the kidneys causing retention of sodium and potasium. Reducing intake of these electrolytes may help a little bit, but I would say not enough to but a dent in the problem. Diuretics are hard on the kidneys and if used need to be done so under Dr. supervison -(I was just at the Dr.s today regarding problems stemming from water retention and we both discussed the use of diuretics and both concluded that it wasn’t a great way to go).

hey matt, hope I didn’t come off too ignorant or condeming. Like you I am young and still learning. I do not know too much about how long our balls can take the abuse so I just started a new topic and hope to get some replys to help us both out in knowing if too much external test will kill off our nuts in the future.
like I said good luck if you go through and why don’t you add 5oomg of eq weekly or bi weekly to this cycle. Also let us know how it turns out.


Adding boldenone could be a good idea. However would deca be a better choice, because its easier on the skin and hair?
I am fairly concerned about the sides, particually bloating and hair loss and was actually thinking of reducing the sustanon dose slightly, say 1000 frontload, then 250 every 4 days. Since prisoner gave me the 1/2 life values for each ester, it gives an average 1/2 life of around 9.4 days. So a 250 shot every 4 days will keep the levels fairly constant throughout.
Would it be a good idea to go on a mini-cycle with the anabol I have for say 1 week, to see if they are real?
One of my mates ended up with some quite bad british disp. fakes- really powdery and blotchy. The ones I have are dragons and they look much better.
The sustanon I got when I was 19 was from pharmagroup, are they likely to be legit?
I got the rest from a trusted source.