Help with 1st Cycle PCT

So I recently did my first cycle. Yes I know I have made some mistakes and did not find the right information earlier. I was trying to recover from an injury(pinched disc) could barley walk and someone suggested running cycle with deca because of the water retention. Anyway he set me up with 250 test c a week and 500 deca which I now know is a lot of deca. I ran it for only 8 weeks. I went from 183 to 207. Ran dbol first half and winstrol last 2 weeks. At the end of my cycle I got food poisoning and couldn’t eat and ended up losing most of my gains because I was sick for 2 weeks. My balls had shrunk and I was ready for pct. he recommended I do 500iu hcg everyday for a week nolvadex Monday wens and friday. And then week 2/3 clomid and week 4 back to hcg 500iu for a week. I changed it to 750 every other day and than tapered to 500 because I read you shouldn’t do it everyday. I felt fine through the whole process I really didn’t lose to much strength and felt great my balls dropped again and life was good. My last week of hcg I bought the wrong needles (too big) and realized I hadn’t been getting anything inside and than accidently injected 2000iu and then 500iu two days later and the vial was finished. It’s been 4 days and my balls are just shrinking like crazy. I am still having sex, still hitting the gym but am a little less motivated. Anyway please help idk what to do. Should I try to run another pct properly this time or wait ? Get my blood work done in a month?

Your balls shrink bebaust they don’t get stimulated by your body. The HCG prevented that.

You now take Clomid or Nolva and run it dir 6 weeks. After that you should be fine. If I understood you correctly your PCT was a mix of Clomid and hCG? Both don’t help together especially when your balls worked on HCG. You must first take HCG, then stop it, then start Clomid.

So now, start Clomid or better Tamoxifen. The former 50/50/25/25/12.5/12.5, the latter 40/40/20/20/10/10

Whomever told you that this plan was a good pct layout has given you a gift. You are now free to ignore quite literally anything this person says for the rest of their life.


Yeah I kind of figured. It was hard to really figure out which direction to go. I had this guy telling me to do it this way, I had a friend telling me to do it another (who doesn’t pct) and than the internet saying other shit. So I know I fucked up and listened to the wrong guy. I should have done hcg 2 weeks tapered followed by clomid or tam. Now I am figuring out what I should do NOW to prevent any further damage.

So I should redo my PCT? I did hcg one week , stopped than did clomid for two weeks and than finished with 1 week of hcg. But the last week I dosed way to high on hcg.

Get blood work done once the SERM(s) have cleared, maybe two weeks. See where you are. From there you can decide if you want to try pct again or if it’s even necessary.

If your nuts are visibly shrinking, it’s because the HCG wore off but your body doesn’t produce its own HCG which is called LH yet, so your balls don’t have a stimulus to grow or pump out testosterone. That’s why I say yes do another PCT with only Clomid or nolva.

But @iron_yuppie has a point. If you get bloods done we know for sure and are not guessing just because your nuts shrink or you think so. Could also be that the HCG was too much and your nuts should be smaller, who knows. Bloods will tell

Thanks, will get blood work done in a week and a half. (2 weeks after finishing pct)
Thanks for the responses