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Help With 16 Year Old Training?


Hey guys. I just stalled on madcows... and was wondering what I should do next?

Another cycle...? any suggestions would be great

Bench 210x2, squat 325x3, deadlift 320x5

5'7" 180




What's your eating like? Are you too fat or too skinny?


solid numbers, 5/3/1


I'm around 16% BF I think, and I've actually been eating pretty bad for the past week. Got off of my routine of eating a lot after vacation.

And honestly, I've been thinking about 5/3/1, but do you guys really think it's the best to progress on? I feel like I could progress like 10 lbs on bench a month instead of 5... or even 7.5lbs...

Anyway, I'll probably do it, but should I do the original or the for powerlifting one?

++ am I allowed to go up more than 5 lbs?


It's an awesome program. I ran it for about 8 months and got crazy strong off of it. Now that I've realized that I needed a more "football-specific" program, I switched to WS4SB, which is awesome as well.

I'm almost a mirror image of you (same age, height, weight), but I'm a bit stronger and leaner.

As far as progressing goes, it's slow and steady on 5/3/1. People bitch about it being too slow and then they stop only 3 cycles in, then they complain about how it didn't do shit for them. Those are the weak, undedicated ones. If you really want to get strong, then I definitely recommend the program. Spend the $20 and get it. You won't be sorry.



I guess I'll do it then. I wouldn't mind benching 260+ this time next year.


I'm going to go out on a limb and assume that the reason your bench is lagging is because you aren't getting enough volume with the madcow 5x5 program. I have heard of similar things happening on 5/3/1. If you really want to improve your bench, I would recommend WS4SB3, where you are benching twice a week. But I'm not expert, so don't listen to me if you don't want.


i do 5/3/1 and bench twice a week, do it with the boring but big assistance work(5 sets of 10) bench is sky rocketing after platueing at around 315, in one cycle i went from doing 285x3, to doing 285x6 consistently. i highly recommend it. I know when i was in high school and playing ball, my coach never had us do any body weight stuff, dips pull ups chin ups, or any row. i do them more frequently now and it has helped every facet of my athletic ability. just in case your not doing them now, you should definetly start