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Help with 10 Wk Cycle

Hi Everyone. First I’m From Brazil so i fell sorry for bad inglish.

I’ll go running my 3th cycle, it gonna start within 10 days, at 08/18.

I already did befone:

in 2010:
1-8: 500mg sustanon
6-10: 100mg Stanozolol (Day on Day off)

in 2011:
1-7 400mg Testo Cypionate
1-4 50mg Halovar
5-9 20mg Havoc

In the First Cycle i had great results!!
On the second cycle, the results were not as i expected, but i’ve had a good decrease of my body fat. Now i`ll do something like this:

1-8 600mg Testo Cypionate
1-4 12mg Sten + 50mg H-drol (Predator Plexx)
5-10 30/40/40/40/40/40 mg Epistane


1-8 600mg Testo Cypionate
1-4 12mg Sten + 50mg H-drol (Predator Plexx)
5-10 100mg Oxandrolone

I’m just waiting to see if my contact arranges Oxan otherwise I’ll take EPI or DMZ !!

What do you think ??

I`ll made PCT and Cycle assist for sure.

Age: 25
Trainning History: 8 Years
Weight: 169 lbs
Heigth: 6`0`` (1,83 cm)
BF: 5%
Reasons: Get lean mass

I train Jiu Jitsu also, 2-3x week.


Something wrong? what do you think?

Reed is aghast that you are 6’ and 160lbs after already doing 2 cycles.

Prepare your anus, Reed is about to fuck you harder than Ron Jeremy, and with less warmth.

Dude… Seriously is something wrong? Are you serious? Yogi called it but good god man 165lbs at 6 fucking foot tall??? I out weighed you by 20lbs NATURALLY at 15 @ 5’6". Seriously man come on. I know your not trying to be body builder but fuck man at 6’ and 165 after 2 decently dosed AAS and Prohormone cycles is a fucking joke. There is zero reason you can not have done what you have naturally with hamburgers hell to be fair at this point a hamburger would do you better than this cycle. How much did you weigh before gear about 130lbs? That’s a serious question.

You need to wake the fuck up and learn to put as much effort into the kitchen and lifting as you do into trying to let the drugs do it for you. … I’m seriously kind of at a loss of stuff to even say as this purely pathetic in every aspect.

uahuha LFMO!

Dude i understand you but here we go…

Before my first Cycle i was with 180 Lbs after cycle i was with 202 lbs and 11% BF.

Before my second cycle i was with 187-190 lbs, after cycle i was with 195 lbs and 7% BF. I almost only lost some fat, but i gained some lean mass too.

I had a lot of problens in my personal life wich make me stay far from gym for 1 year besides eat like a pig. I was with 198 lbs and 20% BF.

the in 2013 September, i returned to the gym and now i`m 26 lbs more slimmer, with 5% BF.

I aways train hard dud… and i`m usually on a good diet and anything else…

Did you understand now?

I’ll report the cycle …

ok so after first cycle you went to 202 (179.9 LBM)

Came off and lost 15 pounds hmmmmm then went back on and ended that cycle at 195 (181.1 LBM) so actually wound up almost 3 pounds lighter than on your first cycle. Mind you according to you training and eating is still on point how ever evidence is not quite backing you up yet.

Then in 1 years time you stayed far away from a gym and wound up gaining 3 more pounds total to 198 (158.8 LBM) but happened to lose over 15 pounds of muscle meaning essentially you gained 20lbs of pure fat while losing all muscle mass you had even before you ever started cycling. Once again shit is not looking good for making me come around to your side.

Then you returned to the gym and your now 30lbs smaller than when you went fat ass mode and now your leaner than you have ever been at a supposed 5% <---- Which Im skeptical of any ways. Also mind you even after coming back and supposedly eating great and training hard your 12 pounds lighter than you were before you ever got on gear when every thing was going great for you.

OH on top of all this your 6 FUCKING FEET TALL and even with a good bit of gear you only broke 200lbs by 2 pounds and then pretty much immediately lost it when your water retention dropped. SOOOOOOO with all that being said I still stand by exactly what I said in my first two posts and to refresh your memory that was

  2. Eat Hamburger

keep in mind reed… you must add 8-10%to self-evaluated bodyfat measurements.

[quote]Mr. Walkway wrote:
keep in mind reed… you must add 8-10%to self-evaluated bodyfat measurements.


at least!

[quote]Mr. Walkway wrote:
keep in mind reed… you must add 8-10%to self-evaluated bodyfat measurements.


Lol damn thats pretty high jump but hell lol makes my point even more.

op, i think you have been taking anti steroids, please post your diet and be fucking honest

All right guys. it was not a self-evaluated, i made it at the gym with adipometer and all the things…

im not a big guy for sure,, but I just put two pictures of me (08/20) here. i started the cycle 4 days ago. it was testosterone 200mg on sunday (08/16) 200mg today (tuesday) , on sunday (08/23) ill have more 200mg.
And next week i`ll start with (Hdrol 50mg Msten (predator plexx 12mg )) per day for 4 weeks, and keep the same testosterone dosage running.

when i started this topic i was with 168 LBS (76 kgs) right before started the cycle i was with 171lbs (78 kgs), i was in a recompose carbs diet. Now im just eating medium-low Glycemic Index carbs and no sugar or bad fats. im eating like 6.2lbs of ptn/kg, so i`m eating like 234g of ptn per day, and good fats as too.

my doubt is: its better put oxan or epi on last 6 days of cycle ?

tnks at all anyway…