Help, Winged Scapula?

So, about three and a half weeks ago, I started the 100 push ups and 50 pull ups a day recommendation from the article posted not to long ago. I did this with my normal routine, in place of normal pushing and pulling exercises. I was doing some leg work and little extra shoulder work. About 1 week and a half into it I noticed shoulder/back pain.

As a side note, I do traditional karate and I am often prone to being the demonstration dummy for throws and joint manipulation in general.

My right scapula has been and is currently protruding further than my left, and the pain is equivalent to carrying a heavy backpack on my right shoulder. It gets very aggravated and sore after prolonged periods of any activity, overhead or not.

I did research here on this site, and even bought a foam roller in an attempt to fix the situation on my own but now two more weeks after the fact it is still protruding and painful.

I haven’t lifted or done karate in 2 weeks and I guess I’m just at a loss as to what I should be doing. Anyone have advice? I’ve read Cressey’s shoulder savers 1-3 and been trying to implement them, advice on that?

Thanks in advance guys.

well first off, if you’ve replaced all pulling movements with ONLY vertical pulling, and have continued to do horizontal pressing that is a big problem right there…
the muscles that retract the scapula are the rhomboids and mid-traps, the muscles that protract the scapula are the pecs and serratus anterior

My advice to you is two start doing rows and rear delt flies… and lots of em.

If that doesnt work… see a doctor

Can you fly with those things?






Well, both of those make a lot more sense than I thought to use. I guess I really do belong in the beginner’s section, huh?

[quote]SpideyJuiced wrote:
I’ve read Cressey’s shoulder savers 1-3 and been trying to implement them, advice on that?


Do this. Don’t try, Do.

Most winged scapula are due to a weak serratus anterior, which as well as protacting the scapula, also stabilizes the scapula by holding it against the rib cage. Try googling the “pushup plus” which can activate and strengthen the serratus.

I you don’t see any improvement see a doctor as the serratus can malfunction due to damage to the long thoracic nerve.