Help! What is Going On?

I am trying to shed some fat.

I started a diet plan, actually the one by Dr. Clay in his free book set you metabolism on fire. Basically low carb with macro-cycling. Thus on my weight lifting days my carbs go up.

SO on my weight lifting days I am at 2200 and on my off days at 1800 to balance out at teh end of the week and average 2000. Thus I am creating about what I think is a 200 Calorie deficiency. I am working out with some 10 min HIIT (sprinting) on my off days followed by 20 min of things like burpee’s bodyweight squats, swings and etc all in a sequence to really get my heart rate up.

Then on my weight lifting days I dont go as heavy as I try to keep my workout “explosive” and with low rest times.

For curiosity I have been tracking my weight everyday and I know you are probably no supposed to do this but my workouts have been consistent and have been progressing to harder and harder every week (I add reps or weight to make sure they are getting harder). And my diet has been perfect. Here is my weight:

January 18
January 19
January 20
January 21
? maybe ~191
January 22
January 23
192.2 (-3.7!)
January 24
January 25
January 26
191 (21.4% body fat done with an impedance machine at gym… dont get me started on this… they dont use calipers)
January 27
January 28
191.3 :o(
January 29
January 30
189.5 !
January 31
190.1 (after re-feeding day)
February 1 (week 3)
February 2
189.6 (no change)
February 3
February 4
188.2 (no change again weird)
February 5
189.7 (what! I had another BFT at 20.4% again impedance machine I dont knwo if I can trust it)
Feb 6

Anyway any advice. Is it ok? why is my body weight going up. Those of you with experience I would appreciate advice! Is my diet wrong… why all of a sudden the weight gain. Is it normal?
I am 5’ 10" by the way.

Weigh yourself weekly if not fornightly, weight difference daily could just be becuase you took a big shit last night.

Remember you aren’t fighting with the scale, your fighting with your body.

If you are a beginner(guessing because of the section) and you are fairly new to lifting, there is a good chance you are adding some muscle even on a reduced calorie carb cycling diet.

Tape measures and mirrors are better tools for dieting down than a scale. Look for decreasing measurements in fat trouble spots (specific to your body, waist is common) and possibly increases to large muscle bodies such as your chest, arms and thighs.

dude thats only 2 fucking weeks!!! weigh yourself weekly if not monthly, and give it time, give it at least 6 weeks, repost then

[quote]young n wrote:
dude thats only 2 fucking weeks!!! weigh yourself weekly if not monthly, and give it time, give it at least 6 weeks, repost then[/quote]

Not only has it been only 2 weeks, but his weight has actually decreased in those 2 weeks. By 5.5 pounds. How much do you exactly want dude? Christ. You’re on your way down. Daily fluctuations are common. Stop whining. You sound like a woman. Go lift something heavy

Are you currently making progress in the gym?

If so, that means you are gaining muscle while losing fat, so stop bitching about 1/10ths of a lb, good heavens.

In addition to what others stated above, if you are going low carb, you may notice that you will put on water weight when you have a carb re-feed. I usually see a four pound increase in one day from this.

Find another way to measure body fat. Use calipers, photographs or gut circumference.

[quote]hungry4more wrote:
Are you currently making progress in the gym?

If so, that means you are gaining muscle while losing fat, so stop bitching about 1/10ths of a lb, good heavens. [/quote]

BAHAHAHA - good heavens?! haha
but seriously, no body should be weighing themselves daily, get a fucking life. do it every week, on an allocated day. check your bodyfat once a month or not at all. the mirror is your friend. if ur bf% is 15% and you still look like shit. you gotta lose more.

Alright I appreciate all your response. I am not trying to be picky or complain I am trying to optimize my diet and workout plan. I am not necessarily new to weight lifting, metabolic resistance training, etc. But I am definitely not an expert, especially when it comes to loosing weight.

I am trying to see what you guys have gone through and I appreciate your response and you sharing your experience with me. I might be confused, but when I read some of the articles on Fat Lose here at T-Nation (e.g. Roman’s stuff and others) they claim thing like 2-3lb of fat loose a week! Thus I was shooting for 3lb. Like I said before I am not trying to be picky as much as I am trying to be systematic about how I carry out my diet and workout so I can optimize.

If you look at the list overall, yes it is like 5.5 lb in three weeks which is great. But if you pay attention to the last week I have practically not lost any weight and I have also gained 0.75 inches on my hip and about half an inch in waist (I did not post since I was waiting for today measurement differences with last week). Thus, I thought that I might be messing things up. I have been taking pictures and the progress is not noticeable although I guess clothe fit better so I am keeping with it. Also what aeyogi said makes since since water retention could be messing up my measurements.
Hungry4more: good point, yes I am making progress. But I was not necessarily worried about the last 1/10th as much as the last week. But again good point.

Anyway guys I do appreciate your comments! I will keep at it strong and look for signals in more then one place.

by the way the everyday weight track I know I should not be doing it, but I am doing more to see how body weight fluctuates. The point was to show people how not to rely on the scale everyday. But I guess I got carried away by it!

Again thanks!