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Hello all. Lurking for a while. Seems like a friendly place. Anyway will be posting here because I can never seem to keep a written log going very log. And I can enjoy the color commentary. Competed for most of my life in combat sports, now that I've grown up (kinder and gentler and fat) I dabble in Heavy Lifting & Strongman. And often feel that input from others who have the same goals would help to keep me on the road.

Today: Did nothing,nada,zero and zip. Will try to do better on Friday. I'm saving myself for Friday.


welcome Dude, looking forward to seeing your training


welcome aboard.


Thanks Pete

Training got invited to a private gym so had to put up some numbers, had a great time I go about once a year.
Warm Up
110# DB CP 2X8
2PD KB hinge 3X15
Front squat 135# 3x10 slow til my butT hit mt ankles

Leg press: Start at 200# and jump 200/set of 10, at 1000 did 2X3 then back down after missing due to stick at 1150
Bent rows: 200 3X8
DL: 245X10, 285X10, 335X10, 385X5X2, 335x10
Plate swings: 100# 2X10


Thanks Bulldog

Forgot the funny thing about the work out, we're doing bd rows and this guy thats familiar to me runs up and says come with me and I can see he means bidnez we run over to another section of gym and a guy I'm freinds with is sitting there looking all gray around the gills, awake I reach out and hes got no pulse, but talking come to find out he was benching about 450 for max reps after running a mile and doin the stair climber then jumped on the bench and went at it , he is a huge big kid (freak) anyway I sat with him til his pulse came back 2-3 mins, I told him about the vagal responce and told him I would drive him home or to the hospital it was his choice, he drove himself home.


A little sore in the quads
streching 20 min (I'm not going to call it yoga)
PU 5X20
BW squats 5X20


Workout Yesterday
DB curls 2x10
DB Mili 2x10
DB Hang Clean 2X10
DB Extensions @X10
BP normal WU to Max rep

Today:Swim did
500 meter breast and 3X30m sprints all with fins max eff. won't post times suffice to say when I enter the pool I create a little wake. The lady next to me said I was good for her workout it was kind of like a open water swim.


Short 40 min w/o


Welcome Dude.

EDIT - Just seen your squat numbers. Wow, really good.

How big are you?


hehe, I am sure a lot of the folks in this forum create quite a wake as well.

and on a side note,... great, another guy that makes most of us feel weaker, and yet, probably makes us work harder by that fact.
welcome aboard.


Hey Brett thanks I'm 6' and 235-240 currently hope to drop some in the spring as activity picks up. Got the Motor City Strongman coming soon still don't know if I will enter but I would have to make weight at 232. Really busy today with lack of sleep thought if I did anything it would be a step back. Ogre Its so funny most the people that hang at the pool are so slim, and they look at muscle as a bad thing, they respect it but kind of turn there noses up.


Brett I saw your video I think , anyhow I will try to post some squat video soon.


Heres a question for everyone . whats your best complex for posterior chain could be anywhere from 2 - 5 exercises. reveal your secrets.


That's weird,

I commented on some big squat numbers (500 x 2 or something) in a post then it suddenly disappeared. Now it looks like I'm taking the piss saying great squat numbers about 135 x 10.

Oh well.


Brett I know , weird . No worries I'll put up max numbers in another 10 days or so hopefully I will hit 535 that I missed last time. and the dead lifts where not max's, but thanks.I really get into death squats will post a video in the next few weeks, gets me pumped just thinking about the pain, I know its a sick thang.

Today I negotiated a contract and after a three hour meeting made myself go workout.
285X5 missed 6 by small margin
305X2 gave up no big numbers today

dips BW 2X10
pull downs BAH BAH

DB bench 80#'s DB's 2X10
100#'s DB's 2X6

No ambition but had to do some clean and jerks or risk slipping
205X2 again gave up due to no ambition stress sucks


Brett what do you think about a death squat video thread where everybody posts video of the bad a*% sets. Just a idea I think you would be in, based on your video's. Where talking some killer sets weight is not as important as effort and rep number I bet there a some people out there that could put up some freaky numbers.


Work out did some aerobic today, did running stairs, 2 flights sprint 200' and repeat 16 rounds with 100# pack , then flights x6 only no pack but high steppin.

KB hinge 100# 15X3

Done : breathing ragged and hands shaking. "Spartans what do you do for a living"


Workout legs couldn't get to gym
Zercher carries 200# for 200' for 3 rounds
18" DL 575 3 sets of 15
sledge hammer strikes with 20# sledge 100 until done
couple of stone lifts 200# ?


nice training. why'd you delete your squats though?


I didn't delete them as far as know. Just came back and they where gone and just to lazy to repost. Did a PB of 515# that day but was trying for 535#. you will see a huge miss match between my DL and SQUAT due to a disc problem