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Help Wanted-Combining Training Methods

hi im an olimpic weightlifter
that also compete in bodybulding and powerlifting.what is the best way
to train in all 3 events regarding training splits{am pm}and how i can
keep my flexbility
despite all of the isolation movments that bodybuliding needs? il be
happy if you can tell me when is the best time to put the bodybulding
movments without hurting the olipmic lifts?
and also when is the best time to put put in some cardio?{need to stay
in 69kilo catgory} i trian at least 6-10 per week ususaly olimpic lifts
in the am ours and cardio or bodybulding specific movments in pm
ours.any other way to split the training methods?

any1??? :frowning:

uh… good luck. Thats gunna be a pain. One thing I can say: you probably wont be able to do all three at the same time. You should probably try to peak for each once a year. Don’t put on a ton of weight for those strength sports either.

body building for you will essentially be diet based if you’re already pretty well developed

but honestly bro olifting and powerlifting at the same time?

I don’t see that hapenning reasonably

There are a LOT of factors, It really depends when your competitions are, how good you are already, etc etc

im an active competitor in all
3 events.the problem is that the bodybuilding movments hurts my flexbiity
in olifting training.i have amonth between the olimpic lifting meet and the
bodybuilding show so i need to preper to both.my power lifting doesnt hurt any thing becuse im doing havy squat and pulss the olimpic training.
my q is what is the best way to combine
all the methods of it toghter?

Ask Thibaudeau or one of the T-Nation writers the next time Prime Time happens. I think you’re trying to do too much, you can focus on one, but there’s no way you’re going to be able to compete at a high level in all three at the same time, unless you’re some sort of Ubermensch.

Ditch the bodybuilding temporarily.

The olympic lifting and powerlifting will give you enough volume to handle if you play it smart and listen to your body, and like Xen said, keep your diet in order.

Strength gains are in general harder to come by than gains in muscle mass, so train hard at those, and keep at least 2 workouts a week devoted to the OL, since those require the most technique and coordination.

Look for strongman routines, they usually implement both in their training.

If you have a bodybuilding comp coming up, just choose some more “specific” exercises and drive the reps and volume slightly up, while maintaining your competition lifts.

Btw, if you can power clean, you can deadlift, and if you can front and overhead squat, you can definately back squat.