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HeLp w/ WhEy PrOtEiN


Hey I just bought a 2 pound tub of Jarrows Whey Protein in Vanilla flavor and I have a lot of questions...excuse me for my lack of knowledge...I am brand new to this board. First off I am a 15 year old male and I am a basketball player. I bought this because I want to get bigger, stronger, and ripped. I am on the skinny side also. The lady at the health store told me I shouldnt buy creatine because that could mess me up. But most of my major questions are...When am I supposed to be taking this? I have been taking it like 15 min before I work out and thats all...I hear your supposed to take it before and after but on the bottle it says take after so Im kinda confused on this...and how many scoops should I take before and after?...Also how long before and after I work out should I take it to get the best results...10 min? 30 min? hour?...Also Im only 15 and I don't get my license for about a month so its hard for me to access a weight room so usually my workout consists of push-ups, sit-ups, workin my legs, and playin ball, is that ok? or will that not help me?...also besides for that I have some questions...I am Lactose Intolerant...is there anyone else who is lactose intolerant and has used whey protein? What were the effects? I heard it has minimal lactose that shouldnt effect me...but anyways...this stuff tastes naaaaassssssty...I've takin it 4 times and I usually just mix it with 6 ounces of water and its pretty gross...does anyone know of anything I can mix it with to kill the nasty taste? I was think makin like a juice and bananna shake or somethin? Well thank you sooo much for your time and any responses....


thanks for the response...can anyone else give me some help?


ReAd tHe FaQ aND t MAg


how bout losing the gay ass typing.


Hey, Frosty, welcome to the board. Don't worry 'bout Goldie, there. He's really a warm and fuzzy teddy bear when you get to know him. He just comes across a bit abrassive to newbies at times.

Goldie, you were never a newbie, were you. Were you? (ducking & running very, very quickly)

Don't worry about the protein powder at this point. Just eat food, lots of it, and cut out the garbage as much as you can. Three meals aren't enough. You need to be eating 6 or more meals a day, protein every meal and quality carbs, not sugar. Stay away from fried foods, MacDonald's, soft drinks. You know the drill.

Additionally, as has been recommended, just read the FAQ, read past articles, do searches on nutrition, diet, bulking, gaining, etc.

You'll have wheels and money and more control of your life before too much longer, so just hang in there.

Good luck to you!!!


The "Dawg School" articles will help you too. You can find them using the search engine on the site. Good Luck.


Read the article called "Youth Gone Wild" by Chris Shugart. You can find it with the search engine (search T-mag, not the T-forum).


Welcome to T-mag (I wish I had this site when I was 15)

Here's a great article to start

Good luck.....


Okay, I will take this young buck under my wing...

First, I agree with Goldberg. You've got to lose that tYPing prOblEm you've got. It makes your posts difficult to read, and no one around here thinks its cool. So please, do everyone a favor.

But in return, here's some concrete advice for your situation. First, once you've consumed all the protein you currently have, you should get Biotest's stuff the next time around. As was mentioned above, it tastes a whole hell of a lot better, and the protein quality is also probably better than what you're using. Yes, it will be more expensive. You get what you pay for.

Second, when you do take your protein, mix it with some fruit juice (I recommend grape juice) and drink it after your workouts. Not immediately before. If you want another drink before your workouts, mix it with water and make sure to give yourself an hour or two before you start to exercise. I'm not going to go into the science behind all this (that part is your homework assignment - doing all the reading that people told you to do above and educating yourself), but that's what you should do.

Third, if you want to gain weight, get ripped and all that other good stuff, you're going to have to learn about diet. That means the actual food that you're eating, not some supplement. No supp will help you much (if at all) if you don't have a decent diet as a base. This is important: No supp will help you if you don't have a decent diet as a base. Clear? Conversely, a good diet will bring you truckloads of gains even without any supps at all.

Finally, the lady at the health food store is full of shit. The next time she tries to give you some advice, ask her to give you some references to back up her arguments. There are no good studies out there showing that creatine can "mess you up", so she shouldn't be telling people that. Creatine is one of the few substances that works for virtually everyone, and it's been proven time and time again to be safe in scores of scientific experiments. If you want to take some, go for it. But again, get your diet in place first. That's the priority.

Good luck, and let us know if you have any more questions - after you've done some reading. :wink:


1) Learn about diet.

2) Figure out some way of lifting weights. Get little spin-lock dumbells and work out in your bedroom if you have to. Nobody ever got "huge and ripped" doing pushups. You can also buy chin-up bars to put up somewhere in your house, this would be a VERY good idea, as your back gets no work whatsoever from what you told us.

2) Learn about diet.


i'll let you have this kid Char... but the next prepubescent male is mine!


Did you ask the lady why she sells it if it will "mess you up"?


Actually i wasnt. i started reading about strength and conditioning when i was 13 years old. :). 11 years ago. Ive read everything i could get my hands on since then.


What's up dude?

You're getting a great start, if you're already frequenting t-mag. I'm gonna go against the grain on this one - first I would almost only stick with push-ups and pull-ups (yeah get a chin bar).

At fifteen you're too young to attempt a lot of the lifts featured here. I know most will disagree, but I believe you shouldn't do any lifts that compress the spine (squats, deads, overhead presses) and keep your reps relatively high and your weights relatively low. Get creative with your push-ups, do sprints to build your legs.

Eat lots of meat and eggs. And although GROW is one of the most anabolic and best tasting proteins on the market - if you're lactose intolerant it is probably not a great choice for you (as casein has a high lactose content). Stick with either egg protein or whey isolates, read up - some are great tasting.

Take it slow big guy - it's a lifetime adventure.


You need to EAT,EAT and EAT.Check out John Berardi's Massive Eating(Find it in T-mag search)


Ricker, please. If you're going to offer advice on this forum, at least make it good advice. C'mon.

There is no problem doing "spine compression" lifts at 15 - or any other age, for that matter. I know - I started at exactly that age.

Grow! is "more anabolic" than other proteins?!? No it isn't. Protein is protein.

And there have been few if any reports of Grow! not being well-tolerated by lactose-intolerant people. Again, I'm lactose intolerant and I have no problem with it.



most of you....thanks a ton for all the help you all have really helped me...im going to start using isolate protein because of my lactose intolerance and Im going to get some weights in my room like a bench press some dumbells etc. does anyone know any bench press kit that you recommend me buying so I could also do other things like possibly deadlifting squating and cleans...any other excercises I should do with a bench press kit that would help me...o and also I DONT want to get HUGE I just want to get bigger and stronger but I aint tryin to look like arnold...thanks everyone for your time


dont worry Bro unless you have the genetics,drugs,and and desire plus more you are not going to end up looking like Arnold!



Just out of curiosity - how much have you grown since you started utilizing spine compression excercises. I know that at 15 I was 6'2" and I still am. I had no idea the effects of 500 lb deadlifts back then - but I'm pretty sure it kept me from at least one growth spurt.
For what it's worth; I've completed 5 major national certifications: IFPA, ACSM, NSCA, ACE and ISSA - and a minor in Kinesiology from Washington State -- And every school recommended avoiding those type of excersises until an athlete is finished growing.

Oh, and protein is protein? Let's try something ..., you continue with your current weightlifting routine but for the next six weeks consume only soy as your protein source - and I'll stick with whey, eggs and casein. We can even post before and after pics if you like.
BTW, why would you be stupid enough to waste your money on GROW if "protein is protein"