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Help w/ Training, Supplementation

I would really appreciate getting some opinions and/or corrections on what I am currently doing for my training and supplementation. On Monday, I decided that, for the next month or so, that I was going to start Triple Total Training, by Waterbury. Along with that, I have a Biotest Supplement line-up of:

Surge Recovery (obviously)
Metabolic Drive Low-Carb(another obvious choice)
Biotest Creatine
Superfood (typically post-workout w/ Surge and creatine)
Rhidola Rosea

I am 21, 6’3" and 235. I would like to add 10 pounds of clean mass.

Friday April 10th, 2009

Triple Total Training Day 5:

8x3 @ 18RM (Explosive Day)
Box Squats
Seated Cable Rows


It sounds like you have the Basics in there. I myself don’t use many of the ones you rattled off, but if I were to construct a solid, basic, foundation supplement plan for someone desiring your goals, I would have the following:

Meabolict Drive Low-Carb, Creatine, BCAAs, Leucine, and Flameout.

Everything else is most likely good, I just can’t speak from my own experiences, I personally like to stick to the basics, and LOTS of 'em.


I have used most of these products and have been quite happy with them.

However, I think it’s a mistake to start with them all at once since you’ll never know what’s doing what.

I recommend starting with the basics of Metabolic Drive and Surge. Then, after a couple of weeks, add Flameout and Superfood. After a couple more weeks, add Biotest Creatine and ZMA. Give yourself a month or so with just these products before adding any others one at a time.

As long as your diet and training are on track you’ll appreciate these products.

Thanks for the responses so far, you guys, typically I, even on T-Nation, find it difficult to get really solid and informative feedback from a lot of people, so I really appreciate the info.

As for the supplementation, I had a hiatus in my lifting consistency and the bottles sort of added up over time with inconsistent usage, but plenty of servings in all to apply to 3 week or month long cycles. As for the basics, Stu, I agree with the idea of stocking them up, for they serve as the best and most simple additive to a solid diet and consistent training.