Help w/ Training Program

Hi guys,

Been a week or so since i checked in. Ive been on the fat fast diet for a bit over two weeks now and have lost some good weight (13lbs). I only have another 4-6 to go. I have enought Low Carb Grow to last another two weeks so i think thats when i will end and start to build some solid lead muscle.

Guys if you hvae read any of my past posts i have mentioned that im a athlete who is now almost 34 and have been one of the best all sport athletes in my area for years, since 5 years ago or whatever i have a desk job and it has killed me as far as being in shape , i gained weight etc. Im loosing the weight and now i want to gain my athletic skills back.

Im heading back to the gym on monday and need a solid plan of attack. I dont know much about programs. I was interested in the athletic pendulum but cant find it.

Can someone help me design a workout program for three days a week. And i need some HITT in there as well, on the other days or what not.

I want to work my ass off and grow like ive never grown before. I just ordered some MAG 10 as well.

I love this site and this board and thanks for all your past and future help.

Im very sincere in my needs. Im not a body builder and do not want be, i want to gain some lean athletic muscle and need a routine to get into to make it happen.

Ive heard olympic lifts are great for sports etc??

Any help will be appreciated…

Thanks again

Three days a week? Ok i think i have seen a progarm which can hit all three body parts in just 3 days. However there are somethings you need to clarify.

  1. Which three days of the week? how much is the gap between workout days?

  2. Are you willing to do the am/pm spilt?

  3. Whats an off day like?

I will try to find that progarm it was basically you train legs one day, back. bis(however you have to make sure there is a two day gap between bicep and leg training due to something about blood circulation to the claves decreasing when biceps are trained) and abs the second day. Finally chest,tris, and shoulders the third. But these were broken down into am/pm spilts. So i dont know how benefically they will be to you. And i guess if you are only hitting the gym three days you will have to use very high intensity and go to failure every other week.

Thanks a million…

I guess your questioning the three days a week bit. I could and would like to do more. Im a very slow recover so i thought three days might be best.

My gym is open everyday but Sunday and i can do split actually…

Im so gratefull for your help…

please remember im looking to gain lean muscle not a ton, i still want to be athletic in nature…

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