Help w/ the Workout Program Jungle

Seeking help from my fellow gym rats.
Trying to find my way through the jungle of workout programs. My goal is basically to get more muscles, to look better (yes, I said it ;)) Short about myself; I am 6 feet tall and my weight is 184 pounds. I have been training for some years now, but unfortunately there has been a lot on and off, plus my eating habits has not been good enough either.

I ran a lot and trained MMA for a while, which did not really help me gaining size. It’s time to change all that and be serious about it. Can anyone please recommend a good book or workout program to follow?

Bill Starr 5x5 stands the test of time.

Also starting strength by Mark Rippetoe is a good read and is also pretty proven.

Just remember, whatever program you choose, diet is still priority number 1. Not to undermine a good workout program, but you really do gotta eat right to have the body you want, whatever that body may be.