Help w/ Some Aspects of Nutrition

Hey all…

Ive just been rereading some articles about nutrition and one thing i just cant seem to grasp is carbs??
I get that carbs cause an increase insulin thats is good because it absorbs nutrients but bad because it opens up fat storage…so i understand why the only real time you should consume carbs-rich meals is breakfast and post workout but what i dont understand is the type of carbs that you should be consuming at these times.

Should you want carbs with a high GI levels so those nutrients are absorbed quicker??that makes sence to me but the food groups that are recomended like green veggies have a low GI level dont they??
I believe potatoes and whole wheat have a high GI level but i read these should be a rare carb source? or by a rare carb source does that mean for breakfast and post w/o? whilst veggies should be consumed with each meal?if so wouldnt that cause your overall daily carb consumption to be quite high??

Another question i have is, do people/ can they artifically increase the levels of IGF-1 like people do with testosterone?? btw i have no interest in taking steroids its just you hear about testosterone and its links with steroids but if IGF-1 is also highly anobolic then is it also used in “steriod” form?

Last thing i wouldnt mind getting clearer in my head is the different dieting strategies? lets me use loosing fat as the goal…why would should larger people use low carb and ectos higher carb???why not just a balance for both? i know people act diff but if you wana loose fat then wouldnt both want a low carb and fat diet??

i know im prob missing the message in CT’s article so if someone could go a bit more into WHY it is this way or point me in the direction of another article that explains it deeper would be nice.