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Help w/ Shoulder and Back Workouts


my photo on left and my goal is on right

and i take in zma, l - argerine 500mg

my workout -

super set - 15 kg each hand
wide grip pull up - 3 reps
2 arm dumbell row - 3 reps (15 kg)
dumbel shruggs - 4 reps (15 kg)

all x 6 sets only 3 times a week

and for shoulders -
overhead shoulder press - 3 reps x 6 (15 kg)
half lateral raise - 3 reps x 6 (10 kg)
front raise - 3 x 6 (10 kg)
kettleball swings with the shoulder press with dumbels - 3x6 (15 kg)


Don't buy any more of those supplements. Finish the bottle by all means, but after that you should buy milk, eggs and meat instead.

And what's the deal with the light weights, do you lift at home? Do you have heavier weights? Access to a gym? A barbell?

I'd suggest not doing a circuit. Do 3 sets of pullups or chinups to failure, then some heavy db rows, then some curls.

Db shoulder presses are best done seated. Work up to a set of ten instead of six sets of three. Do another set to failure with a little less weight. Do heavy lateral raises, some body english is ok, keep the front raises and if possible, do some behind the back lateral raises on a cable station, those are great.

Is that your final goal? Do you train in any other way or is this all you do?


well i used o do high rep and low weight in the circuit but

i started doing less reps and more sets and little heavy weight for about a week

and i do some oblique exercises too and abdominal exersises with the power wheel and jump switch lunges with the same sets and reps scince last week

and before that i used to do same but with more reps and less sets like 30 - 15 reps and 3 sets only 10lbs - 15 lbs


answer the questions. you will need more weight and about 30lbs of new lean muscle


and how many reps and sets should i do according to you?


That can only be answered if you answer my questions above. Look again, I marked them with this symbol at the end of them: ?

Giving you advice without knowing that you're capable of following is pointless.


i am sorry i didnot thank you for replying and yes i did take in account of your advice

i am just asking more than one opinions


You won't be able to achieve any sort of enhancement to your back and shoulder musculature without lifting MUCH heavier weights. I second the opinions so far and suggest you get access to heavier weights (be it through a gym, or some other means) - also, you should probably read up on proper nutrition seeing as this will help you A LOT.


No no no, I'm not fishing for a "thank you", I'm trying to find out if you have access to heavier weights or if you're limited to doing endless sets with some plastic dumbbells at home. Knowing the kind of equipment you have access to will affect he advice given, so telling us that might be good for you if you want advice.

Good luck though.


i workout at home and have equipment at home and donnot have more access to heavier weights than 15 kg on wach dumbell so 2 dumbells

ok so i got these barbells but with 2 extra 2.5 kg discs

i got chest expander with strings http://www.amazon.co.uk/Golds-Gym-Max-Work-Pro/dp/B00131QIQK/ref=sr_1_15?ie=UTF8&qid=1301097747&sr=8-15

i got swiss ball anti blast

multi grip pull up bar

i got the power wheel for building abs


That's better. Since your goal isn't that hard to reach, you might be able to do it with what you have. Try to get to 10 chinups with 30 kg tied to your waist, a lot of sets of 15 curls with 15 kg, a lot of sets of strict lateral and front raises with 15 kg and shoulder presses with 15 kg after the raises.

To get there, work up to a top set of about 10 reps, then do a few more sets to failure, then do the next exercise. Chinups are easy to improve on by using the 531 template, but I don't know if you can do more than 3 or something like that, in which case a few sets to failure every other day will suffice for now.

Joining a gym isn't that expensive either.