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Help w/Routine & Supplements


My name is chris last year my weight was 354 im now down to 275 i lost alot of my belly but now im having trouble losing the lower part of my stomach the diet im on is carb backloading which when i started i went 10 days no carbs then carbed out with (good carbs) but with lossing all tht weight im still not as cut up as i thought i should be

my schedule is monday gym- chest and bi...tues- run 2 1/2 miles as quick as possible....wed- gym back and tri .... Burst training 1hour ( burpees , sprints, etc) fri- legs abs and shoulders ... Sat- i take it easy with a light walk through trail soft sand ..... Just looking for info and guides for supplements ( the strongest fat burner i have taken was roxy lean) never really used supplements and new excercises so i can trick my muscles up


Supplements will not help unless your diet is in order. What are you currently eating everyday and what are your macros?


Second what Ripsaw said. Posting the specifics of your routine and 1RMs in major lifts would be useful, too.


Whats your height?


[quote]RampantBadger wrote:
Whats your height?[/quote]
Profile says 6’1".

And yep to what everyone else said. Some more details about what your doing (training and food) will let us offer better advice. Great job on the fat loss so far, but a fat burner isn’t really necessary yet and it won’t be as effective as it could be. It might help “bump” progress down the road, but for now you’d be better served tweaking your workouts and nutrition.

If anything, invest in a good workout shake to make sure you’re building/preserving muscle as you drop weight. MAG-10 would be a good start. Losing too much muscle during a cut is the biggest reason why guys end up looking soft and still squishy instead of jacked, built, and lean.


Great work so far! I’ll repeat what everyone said above. Posting your diet and a bit more info will help a lot. Welcome to the forums!


Great job on the 79 pounds of weight loss