Help w/ Questions, Ideas

Hey guys I’m kinda of new to this but for the most part I have everything down and just have a few questions and an idea i want to share. I live in Texas and the border isn’t to far from here, I have been meaning to make a trip over there and just never got to it but now I am going to head down within a week. Now my question is I have a cycle already it mine which was this:

if you go to that link it will show a diamond mass cycle now i am just a little bit confused with taking the deca vial in a week i would probably split in up through out the week but there is 200 mg in a bottle and i would be injecting 3ml in butt so I’m trying to figure out how much mg is 1 ml and how this cycle looks to other people as well.

My other question is can i take creatine with a steroid cycle like is that OK or no? And since i am gonna drive there and go ahead and just bring it back how much space would that take up like am i gonna be walking out with a box or a small grocery bag and does deca come in bigger vials?

And finally my last thing was I am going to video tape all this most likely blocking my face but I have a n95 8gig phone its da shit if you look it up and its pretty small so I’m sure i could shoot the stores down there what they say and stuff maybe go to vet places to. Hopefully if i can do this successfully this will end all the talk about mexico.

I will also be posting pics of me every week to show progress to give more info to people cuz the more info on stuff like this the better especially if your like me but i this i will just keep posting everything here using youtube for the video part and stuff but if you guys could try to answer my questions and tell me what you think that would help alot.

You are going to video record yourself buying illegal substances in another country and bringing them into the US? And then post the videos online? Am I reading this right?

Let me begin with this…I hope you realize this is an open forum where anyone (including law enforcement) can read these forums.

Second, I dont feel you have enough knowledge about AAS yet to undergo a cycle. It would be in YOUR best interest to research some more.

As for your questions…

Creatine – Take it. Youre fine.

Your cycle… Wherever you got that cycle from dont go back to that website. I do not have my contacts in so I cannot see much of anything, but what i can tell is its telling you to take 9wks of dbol and run deca/sust the same length… even with the decanoate in sust you should still run the sust longer than deca. And i cant even begin to read what the last column says.

You probably dont even know what i am talking about so until you do please dont consider AAS. When you have a more firm understanding of AAS come back with a proposed cycle and we will help critique it if need be.

I dont even know why I am replying, my guess is you dont make it out of mexico and we never see your video.

And out of curiosity… maybe some specs? (i.e. Age/weight/years training/IQ etc. )


With all your questions it doesnt sound like you should be doing any steroids in the very near future.

You should do plenty more research prior to thinking about getting into things like this.

Where do these posters show up from hahaha…

[quote]Famousbychoice wrote:
Where do these posters show up from hahaha…

But it is my opinion thatthis is a troll job to be honest, but I actually thought this one was quite funny

On an alternative note can I PM you for some advice concerning AAS and Greece? :slight_smile: