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Help w/ Project

Here’s the deal, for a university project I have to do a multiple regression analysis (a time-series analysis to be exact). Initially I was going to do one on the number of traffic accidents in my state. But I’m having trouble getting all of the data I need. MODOT only provides the data back to 2000 on their website. I’ve called to get the older stuff mailed to me, but nobody will return my calls.

So, I’m trying to find something else I can do but need to do something that I can easily find lots of data on, preferably on the internet.

I have to have at least 30 observations. The time frame doesn’t matter as long as there are 30, so I can do thirty years worth of annual data or I can do 15 if it’s broken out semi-annually, 8 if it’s provided quarterly, or 3 - monthly.

Any ideas?

If MODOT doesn’t keep records back that long, try asking a State Farm or Allstate agent, as they may have this information on auto accident statistics in the state, as well as an approximate number of crashes by the number of filed claims. That is one way they go by to calculate insurance rates. Another method, is to contact the federal DOT, as they should have this info also. You could try a local chapter of MADD, but I think that their statistics would only involve alcohol-related deaths, and DUI convictions. One last resort, is to try the Missouri State Police. I hope this helps, -The Starkdog