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Help w/ Program Design, Please

im doign a basic 3 day split for about a month and want to change soon so please give me your opinion on this 2x a week routine( im just gona post the upper body days)

Monday Upper Body Day 1
Bench 5x3
Bent row 5x5
Incline DB press 3x8
LatPull down 3x8-6

tuesday lower body day 1

Thursday Upperbody day 2
Incline bench 5x5
pull ups 5x5-15
flat DB press 3x8
1 arm row 2x8
seated row 3x10,8,6

Friday lower body day 2

I would like to do seated db press, shrugs, upright rows, smith machione front and rear press for delts/traps but this routine does not include them or anything for shoulders, when should i do them???

I’d suggest going with a routine found on here.

I’m just guessing from the last part of your post - Are you trying to bring up your shoulders? I’d go with CT’s Shoulders Overhaul.

If all around body is your goal, look into any one of CW’s latest programs.

These guys give us these exceptional programs for free, the least we can do is try them.