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Help w/ Organizing 3-day Regimen


As a newbie to weight training and being a martial artist, I'm having trouble figuring out how to organize and periodize my training regimen. My goals are to gain strength/ speed/ power and I need some kind of routine where I weight train (for practicality) 3 days a week, the other 3 days being for anaerobic conditioning and Sunday off.

I was thinking of maybe something like this:
Mon: Skill Training/ ME Upper Body
Tues: Skill Training/ Anaerobic Cond.
Wed: Skill Training/ ME Lower Body
Thurs: Skill Training/ Anaerobic Cond.
Fri: Skill Training/ DE Full Body
Sat: Skill Training/ Anaerobic Cond.
Sun: Off

Could this work? If so, how would I organize the workouts themselves? How would I organize a DE full body day? Please help me figure this out. I've been racking my brain reading every source I an get my hands on but it's all very confusing for a novice lifter. Thanks for any help


Being a newbie, I think DE work is premature at this stage. You'll be better off doing two fullbody workouts on mon-thu or tue-fri


could do 3 full body workouts per week...


ditto on three full body workouts a week. doing your entire body (heh heh) necessitates a lower volume per muscle group which equals faster recovery. Buy "The Coach's Strength Training Playbook" by Joe Kenn. You can get it off elitefts or wherever


Thanks, I'll check out that book. Also, might WS4SB be good?


Well, both were designed for athletes - and I dont mean that in a "powerlifters, strongmen or whatever arent athletes" way just in a "designed for people who have more going on than just lifting, specifically, sports practice" way. So in that sense, it SHOULD work. However, I can speak from personal experience about kenn's tier system, I cant do so for defrancos ws4sb. So take it as you will.