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Help w/ One Day Plan


I am currently doing a 4 day split and have been using Wednesday (off day) for Oly lifts. Problem is i just go in there and do different lifts with no particular order or reason for lift selection. Just looking for some thoughts as to what a good well rounded day of OLY lifts would look like for an hours workout.

Currently I will usually do power cleans, clean and push jerk, power snatch, high pulls and some DB swings in no particular order. Thanks in advance...


Cnj to max, Sn to max and FS to max 0_0


Clean and jerk @ 70% 5 x 2
Snatch @ 70-75% 7-8 singles
Pulls 1rm (of CnJ and Sn) +5kg 5 x 2

learn to do the full lifts man. Following that probably wouldnt be too bad.


Cool. Just started to dabble in it so I am having to learn them and good god my wrist flexors and forearms are tight!


also i was only messing about going to max


Gotcha, I figured so by the 0_0 but thanks for making sure I caught that. :wink:


Snatch before clean and jerk, the weights are lighter.


you could spend 1/3 of the time working snatches, 1/3 working cleans, and 1/3 working jerks.

with the time you spend on snatches you could see what you seem to need to work on. so, for instance, if you are having trouble with the first pull, then work on your first pull. 1-3 reps, as seems appropriate. a couple minutes rest between sets. or you could spend 1/2 the time working on snatches, and the other half working on cleans and jerks (or whatever part of that seems appropriate).

i used to try and work to a number of reps - but often found i ran out of time. spending 1/2 an hour on snatches worked pretty well, though. could have happily spent another 10 minutes, but that amount of time kept me focused on my rest times since i needed to make the most of the time i had.


I think my sarcasm detector just went off the charts...