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Help w/ My HRT Treatments

First and foremost I want to thank alot of you for the help you’ve given me with HRT. This is a great site and I’m grateful to have found it. So here’s my latest issue. My Dr. started me off on 5g of Androgel back in Dec. I went for bloodwork after 6 weeks and here were the results.

Total Test 268.48 limits = 350-890 ng/dL
Free Test 55.2 limits = 47.0-244.0 pg/mL

After seeing those results he told me to go to 7.5g for 3 weeks and if I felt no better to go to 10g. I ended up not feeling any better increased dosage to 10g. So last week I go to get my bloodwork done and here’s the results.

Total Test 232.47 limits = 350-890 ng/dL
Free Test 44.7 limits = 47.0-244.0 pg/mL

I started taking L-dex somewhere in early Feb. and have been playing with the dosages trying to get rid of some of the fog. Right now I’m on 3 drops/daily. So here’s my questions. On the day I get the bloodtests I haven’t been taking the Androgel. I get blood drawn at 8am. With that being said should I be taking the Androgel before the tests? Is it totally gone out of my system in less than 24 hours? Just confused as to how my levels could be dropping when I’m doubling the dose.

You levels are dropping because the increased dose is shutting down your natural production of Test.

The main issue I am seeing is that you dont seem to be absorbing much of what you are applying if you are still at 232 for total test.

I did the AndrolGel morning dance and would never go back to it. Injections are the only way to go. My nateral Test level was about where yours is now. On A-Gel 10mg/day test levels were 580. 200mg Injections broken into two or three times a week have me at 1050.

To do HRT correctly you need to also be measuring E2 (Estradiol). Aromatase enzyme can also be converting what Testosterone you have into Estradiol. Without balancing the T and E you will be chasing our tail.

Read up on KSman’s posts on this topic. There are many others here who have been doing this longer than I and have more research under their belts. Keep reading. This site is full of great info.


I agree that your numbers are dropping both due to your natural test production shut down (very common) and you appear to one of the guys that don’t gel absorb well. What are your thyroid numbers? Low thyroid guys have a difficult time absorbing the gel, you may be one.
Shots really are the only way to go, as they always get absorbed. I am on shots, adex, and HCG, and my life is pretty good emotionally and physically too.

As far as thyroid goes, even if you are “normal” now, after being on shots for a few months, you may notice you’re “tired” again.
T shots for some compromise the ability to convert T4 to T3 and will take away your “energy”. I was one of those guys, that’s how I know. Well, that and the blood test results. PM if you want.