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Help w/ My (Bad) Vertical Jump Technique

I’ve been working on my strength and reactive ability for only about two weeks now, but I feel like my jump technique is pretty shitty and could use work too. Here’s a clip I took tonight after working all damn day…fucking shit looks like I jumped less than a foot high in real time. sigh Don’t laugh.

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If you have any tips for me on the mechanics of jumping and what I could do better, please share them. I really want to get better. Thanks.

The second jump wasn’t quite as shitty as the first one in case you closed the window right away

I actually didn’t think it was that bad. What all are you doing to increase your vert? A little more info would be helpful.

I do different strength exercises 2 days a week, like front squats, lunges, powercleans, calf raises one day, then deads, RDLs, glute ham raises, and more calf raises another. Then for plyos I’ve just been doing slalom jumps, side to side box jumps, star jumps, and a couple other things.

Jumping rope worked for me when I was training for football. I jumped every other day for about 15 minutes. I was able to to 30 inches at 250 lbs bw as a senior in college.

Search for and read all of CoolColJ’s posts.

Develop your full squat strength, practice jumping once or twice a week.

For a while. If you want to jump even higher, do it for a longer while.

Get strong in the squat. Get FAST in the squat.

If you have bands, do explosive band good mornings.

Thanks guys, appreciate the advice

if anyone has any feedback on how I’m bending down and jumping or anything like that, that’s what I’m especially after. at this point jumping still feels pretty awkward.