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Help w/ Meet Prep: Second Bench Day?


I'm 1 workout into 10 weeks out. I'm doing this pretty basic, a squat day, bench day, and deadlift day. I have an extra day that I was pressing on, but I'm trying to figure out if I want to add a speed bench in there or maybe some CG bench work.

Rest of the cycle is volume based programming off of Prilepen's chart. Everything is going in the right direction currently, even my squat, so I want to try and make the most of this training cycle.

Any ideas?


I always recommend paused close grips as assistance. Now theres no standard grip per say…but it should be closer to or on the smooth than not. I cant stand seeing people move there grip in one finger width and claim closegrip.

For me- pointer fingers are on the smooth.

To keep it simple- take 80 percent of your heaviest bench sets of the day and afterwards do 2 sets as many as possible paused closegrips with that number… Racking each set 1 rep short of failure. Using this method periodizes it self based upon the actual bench weight of the day and fatigue.


I think it would be beneficial to add in some more info. What are your current numbers and bw? What kinda progress have you been seeing? What is your sticking point in the bench?

But as far as general advice, I personally find it best to make things as specific as possible when approaching a meet. (Paused everything bench, record all my squat reps and make sure I’m hitting depth, get someone to give you commands if you can etc.)


I will compete as a 181, and I’m sitting about 185 in the AM currently. My conservative goals for the meet are 445, 325, 585, which is close to where I am now. If things keep going right, I may come very close to a 1400 total. We will see how the rest of the training cycle progresses.

It’s a USAPL meet, so all my bench work is long pause w/ feet flat. This has f*ed with me in the past, so I’m preparing for it now.

The rest of the cycle is planned out, almost exactly. There’s some wiggle room in there for natural variation, and I’m also 10 weeks out so I have time to tweak it.


Well you’re going to total about 150-200 lbs more than me so take this with a grain of salt lol but I’d definitely agree with barbedwired and say close grip pause benches would be a good option or even just 3-5 sec pause benches. I believe Connor Lutz is a huge advocate of long pause benching for competition prep