Help w/ Measuring Accurate Dosage

Hi guys need some help here please… I am having trouble getting an accurate dosage out of my 1ml, 200mg per ml, testosterone cypionate vial. My Dr has me to lowering my dosage to 60mg 2x a week, and I should be able to get 3 doses out of this vial now. This vial is so small that I need to hold it slightly tilted to the side with the rubber stopper facing up to get the medicine out. It seems like when I am drawing it out (stopper side up) measure accurately, but when I turn it over needle facing up there is much more medicine in the syringe. I don’t want to waste anything here. I was short on my 3rd dose at the end of my first bottle after the dosage change, so I am guessing that I am not measuring accurately. I would like some suggestions please, as I don’t want to waste any of this medicine, or inject any more or less then the 60mg dosage. I am also curious to know how much remains in the syringe between the rubber stopper, and the barrel of the syringe after the injection. I am reading some guys put a small air pocket behind the medicine to ensure that none is wasted. Thoughts on this method? Again I just want to get 3x 60mg exactly accurate dosages out of this bottle… I draw with an 18g x 1.5in. needle on a 3cc/ml syringe. Then I change the needle to a 25x 1.5in. for injection. Thank you in advance.

I had the same issues when I started. I was using the 3cc syringe.

I switched to 30g, 1cc, 1/2 inch insulin syringe. MUCH more accurate, and zero waste.

I recommend switching before you waste a ton of T.

It is not important to measure testosterone super accurately. Always measure just a tad under the intended dosage. Whether you take 160 mg or 170 mg you will never notice the difference.

If you use 1 piece insulin syringes you won’t waste anything. Using the syringes with the removable needle adds a lot more waste compared to the built-in needle. I had the same issues when I started TRT.

Here’s the one I use for reference.

If you need a longer needle to draw with then get the 1 inch version to draw and either use that or backfill the ones above.

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Only if you’re assuming you have test to burn. Here the op doesn’t.

Actually by having him measure just under I am assuming he does not have test to burn, in fact that’s the whole point measuring a tad under.

Or he can get a syringe that makes more sense here considering he’s using the tiny 1ml bottles.

OP: just get smaller CC syringes. And smaller gauges too. You don’t need to switch pins, etc. Just wasting Test.

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Yea I guess if you’re a newb and worry about petty stuff like that :), you sure can.

It’s not petty when he’s running out of test. That’s the issue.

Not sure you’ve ever used the smaller 1ml vials, but they’re a pain in the ass. I had the same issues as op when I started years ago. I switched right away to insulin pins. Accurate dosing and no more waste.

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Thank you for the response and for also helping validate my issue. My Dr limits my testosterone, so I have to make due with what I have here. So 1 vial is 200mg per ml and I need 3x 60mg doses out of it. I measured perfectly to the 3rd fill line on the syringe and ended up with about 45mg roughly in my dose today. So it seems that even with trying to make sure I’m as accurate as possible I am not able to get that last 200mg of test to spread out into 3x 60mg doses. These needles are wasting a lot of medicine.
I guess the best option is to go the insulin needle approach.

Thank you all for your responses. I am seeing that the most accurate approach to insuring that my measurement is accurate is using insulin needles. I really appreciate all of your help… So now my question is and I am sure this will be a debate. I want to continue to do 60mg 2x a week with the insulin syringe. Can you guys share your advice on pinning locations please. Thanks!

Do delts and quads. Occasionally calves.

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Hi @jaybourbon you really are making this extra complicated. Get yourself some 27ga 1/2" easy touch syringes and pre load your syringes from the vials to cover a weeks worth. No preloading no back filling. Just suck it up and store it in a save place. No frig. If you get 65 on Monday and 55 on Wednesday its no big deal it takes 40 days for T cyp to reach steady state. Your goal is 180mg/wk that is all you should concern yourself with.
By the way 180mg/wk is a shit load of T be ready for all that brings good and bad. Let me emphasize be ready for lots of bad.

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I did a video on this. Watch from 17:25 and I’ll show you how to inject an accurate dose.

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Thanks for the response Maybe you misread my post? “My Dr has me to lowering my dosage to 60mg 2x a week” so I want to get 3 doses out of this 200mg vial to conserve because I only can get so much per month with my script. I am currently taking 120mg a week in 2 divided doses. I am dealing with high hemoglobin right now and I wasn’t even able to give blood today at red cross because I was over the 20.0 mark by .7 So yeah I am learning about the bad. Gotta get this shit in check here somehow.

Hey man thanks for sharing that’s a great video. Yeah I was pulling the right dosage out but putting the air pocket behind the test and giving myself way too much at a time. I have been wondering how much gets wasted in the tip between the rubber stopper and the tip, and now I know. That is a shit tone of waste. I use the twist on BD luer lok syringes, and while I don’t think there is that much waste as this guys needles there is still quite a bit. The other issue I am having is that I get these little fucking 1ml test cyp vials. They are so tiny it’s a bitch to draw from them. Try getting 3 60mg syringes out of a 3ml syringe and an 18g 1.5in. needle. I swap after to use a 25g x 1.5 for injections in my glutes.
I am going to definitely go the insulin needle route with the sub q stomach injections.

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Hey bud thanks for looking out for me on this post as well! I am going to order these. Now as far as drawing and injecting with these particular ones you linked… The needles are fixed onto the syringe? Isn’t that an issue to draw with the same needle as I inject with? Forgive me I am learning here.

All right I feel like I am getting on track here! Thanks again man!

I draw and inject with the same needle. Never had an issue.

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