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Help w/ Making Weight Class


Hi all,

I am posting this in "Strength Sports" rather than the diet forum, because it's directly related to powerlifting:

I am competing in two meets, one eight weeks from now, the other ten weeks from now. To be competitive, I need to lift in the 198lb class. Today, I weigh 205.

So, what is the best way to lose ~8lbs in 8 weeks WITHOUT just killing my strength?




and this one is a bit more extreme and geared toward 24hr weigh in.


Do you have a two hour or 24 hour weigh-in? You can cut 8lbs easy, esp. with a 24 hour weigh-in. There's a thread on this subject over in Combat Sports.


The weigh-in is the morning of the meet.


It's not rocket science...

With 8 weeks to go, clean up your diet a little bit, add in a little bit of cardio.

BAMMM, you made weight.


I've always had success ramping up water intake and decreasing salt intake about a week out. I usually lose 5-10 lbs of water weight because of the amount of sodium in my diet.


Can you provide more info? What is your body comp, current nutritional intake, etc?


Background: Long-time lifter. Former bicycle racer. 44y.o. 5'10", 205. Waist 36". Fairly muscular.

Food intake: ~120 grams of protein daily. Don't really track calories, carbs, etc (I know...)


Sounds like you need to start counting calories. If you can get closer to 200, dropping the water weight will be a lot easier.


This might be a minor problem if you were 8 hours away from weigh in.

With eight weeks I wouldn't even be thinking about it. Just stay within striking distance (as in around 210 or so) for the rest of your training cycle. Don't let weight concerns keep you from eating and getting stronger. As long as you don't blow up this is not an issue.

I wouldn't even start thinking about it until you are about a week or so out.


If you are 205 and only eating 120 grams of protein each day, then your diet sucks.

Clean it up, do some steady state cardio, and the weight will come down painlessly.