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Help w/ Last Few Weeks Before Meet

I’m looking at the calendar, and I’ve got about 4 weeks before my first PL meet. I won’t be able to complete my training cycle in that time, so, I’m thinking I need to turn it up a notch to hit some max lifts in about 3 weeks. How would you guys approach these last few weeks? And what do I need to do during that last week leading up to the meet? I’m getting pretty stoked.

I haven’t tried any max lifts in nearly two months, but I’m feeling strong, and I’m hitting all of my goals in this cycle. I know I’m not setting any records yet, but I just want to perform well, not miss any attempts, and have a good time. Thanks guys!

I would suggest NOT TRAINING at all the week before .

maybe some walking a few times that week if you feel “the lazies” settin’ in .

if you know your approximate maxes ,cycling only up to your openers wouldnt be the end of the world .

Disclaimer : I’m a noob also

Over the next two weeks, You can work up to heavy PR doubles in the squat and BP. You can take your last heavy DL workout 7-10 days prior to meet, maybe more if you need longer to recover. The Sat or Sun of the week prior to contest, work up to openers in the Squat and BP, kind of a back off week. Your opener should be around something you can triple with on a day of no sleep , no food, mucho stress, sick, etc.

In other words, play it safe and get in the meet, use your 2nd & 3rd attempts conservatively if you are nervous, as well. If things are going OK, use the 3rd attempt near the goal you set for yourself in each lift. One goal you might pick is going 9 for 9 your first meet. See how you like it and if it is something you want to try again, you have a better understanding of what is involved and how you might train for it and new goals you set for yourself.

The M-F just before the meet, take it easy, rest/recover from the previous 2 weeks of heavy training; use a lot of visualization since you won’t be actually doing your lifts until that weekend…think positively, have a good time, make some new acquaintances, learn a lot by watching and asking questions. Pay attention to the rules briefing to be sure you understand the commands for each lift.

Bring light snacks/drinks, video camera etc to record your lifts for review later, as well as any others you think may be worth watching again. Good luck - HAVE FUN!!!

Yes videos, you’re going to want to remember this one. The only advise I can give is, you’ve ruled out luck so HAVE FUN. Give’r shit bro!

Thanks for the suggestions guys! I’m lifting raw by the way. I’ve put a lot of thought into this since I posted the request yesterday. Right now I’m thinking my openers will be 355 squat, 250 bench, 360 dead. That might be a little aggressive, but I’ll decide that these next couple of weeks when I start doing these weights for triples and doubles. If I have to go down a bit on the openers that’ll be OK. I’ll get two more deadlift workouts one tomorrow, and again in two weeks. That’ll give me two weeks rest before the meet on those.

Tomorrow, I’ll do some triples with 335 and 345, on squats and deads. Next week I’ll work up to 355 for triple, then 360, and 365 for doubles the following week for squats and deads. Then a 380 single on squat the week before the meet. On bench. I’ll go with 250 triples, 265 doubles and a 275 single. That bench is the one thing I’m concerned about, but I’ve been working hard on bench and assistance, so, we’ll see how it goes. That last week, I don’t think I should just do nothing. So, I figure I’ll get in some cardio, and abs, maybe some reverse hypers.

QT nailed it on the training. Here are somethings that helped me when i went to my first meet.

Take some power bars and a jug of water with you. For your first attempt open with something light you know you can smoke. I opened with 315 even though I knew I could rep it out. Then jump to a 5 pound PR weight and see how you do with that. If you smoke it then shoot the moon for your final. You will find meet numbers are always a bit higher becuase of all the adrenalin pumping. Oh make sure to get the machine warmed up before hand but not to heavy. Do you have someone who is going to hand that off to you? to be your meet bitch that day?

It helps allot having someone else think for you and all you need to do is lift. Take extra everything in case something rips, tears, breaks you have a back up. If you blow out your shorts you don’t want to be putting the twig and berries out on display!!!

Tear shit up and have FUN!

LOL…thanks Colin! Does that suggestion for back up shorts come from personal experience? The wife will be going with me to keep my stuff for me.

Here’s the way I’ve approached the weights:

Attempt 1: This is your last warmup rep. Choose a weight you can triple. This way, you smoke your first attempt and at the very worst, you get a total.

Attempt 2: Shoot for a PB with this rep.

Attempt 3: This one should make your spine shoot through your anus. Shoot for a bit more than you think you can do. It’s OK to make the spotters do their job.

Keep hydrated during the meet… but don’t get silly before the meet and drink so much you have to run take a piss when your flight is lifting.

Normally, warmups are crazy with everyone trying to get their reps in. Figure out what you want to do before you go and stick to that plan. Don’t panic and warm up too quickly. And you don’t want to do so many reps in the warmup that you’re exhausted before you step on the platform. It’s better to do a few less warmup reps than you need than a few more.

When it comes to training, I generally try to take the week of the meet off except I usually throw one light day in there at the beginning of the week. I normally take some 1RM’s two weeks before the meet and the weeks prior to that, I’m usually doing doubles or singles with 90% or so of where I think my 1RM is going to be.

[quote]Colin Wilson wrote:
If you blow out your shorts you don’t want to be putting the twig and berries out on display!!!

I’m still LMAO at this line.

Nothing I can add to what everyone else has said. I assume you don’t have any problem making weight. Last meet I was in a push/pull and it went pretty smooth. I do remember some meets from BITD that took all day. Same with T&F meets with a lot of competitors. Sometimes you just have to find a place to chill out and not burn up all your energy walking around. Good tunes and headphones/earplugs are a must. Main thing with your first meet is to learn how things are done and how you react in competition. Enjoy.

My suggestions:
Openers: something you can triple
2nd attempt: recent PR
3rd: repeat 2nd if they failed, add 5-15lb if it passed.

Last heavy DL ~10days out
Last heavy SQ ~7days out
Last heavy BP ~5days out

Raw meets go quickly!

Thanks guys, I appreciate all the feedback!