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Help w/ Lab Results and Follow Up Qs


25 YR male / 5â??8, 185 pounds.
I have been suspecting I had low T for some time now. Most recently due to some severe lack of libido, feeling constantly tired and storing fat like a women, I had my Dr. Check my T levels. My suspicions where confirmed with my T levels at 230 (This was taken in AM)

He referred me to a Urologist. The Urologist did some more blood work (Which I will post the results below). He also happen to mention that my testicals where undersized for my age /height and weight. He said it looks like my Pituitary Gland is functioning at the low end of normal and that I am too young for TRT. He pretty much said there was nothing I could do since I do want to have kids some time in the future.

He wanted to do a seamen count to make sure I would be able to have kids next. After I hammered him trying to get him to do something he referred me to an Endocrinologist. This is my next thing to do. Here are my results. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. I am also in the process of reading the stickys for some more info. I want to know what I should ask/tell this Endocrinologist to get him to help me. From everything I have read most of them are not very welling to help with any kind of TRT.

TSH 3rd Generation 1.51 ( .40-4.50 )MIU/L
FSH 1.8 ( 1.6-8.0 )
LH 1.7 (1.5-9.3)
Prolactin 3.5 ( 2.0-18.0) ng/ml
Total Testosterone 211 (250-1100)
Free T 33.3 (35.0-155.0) pg/ml


HcG.....It's what guys on TRT use when they still want to have children....


1 - most doctors are clueless idiots who end up doing more harm then good for a lot of patients.

best thing to do is to educate yourself on all of the aspects of HRT because you can't rely on your doctors to look out after your best interests.

read through the sticky threads and some of the other threads in this forum to get some of the basic information and then come back if you don't understand an issue or have additional questions.

good luck.


Thanks for the info guys. I will be sure to follow up with results or additional questiosn.


Just a follow up.
After doing some extensive research on my own I have figured out quite a bit of information. Thanks to the stickys.
My results state my pituitary gland is functioning at the low end of normal. Considering that I thought I might check my waking body temp to make sure the thyroid is working correctly. It turns out my average waking body temp is low 95.9 and highest 97 over a week. I started taking idolized salt as of yesterday.

I am kind of curious of the dosage I should be taking. Right now I am taking 1 teaspoon in the AM before I go to work. It is very hard to swallow. Hopefully this will restore my waking body temp and help to alleviate some symptoms. I will follow up with the results at the end of the week.
I have found an Endo that takes my insurance. It is a women and she is apparently very popular because I could not get an appointment until Nov 11.

I plan on explaining everything up until now. If she wants to run more tests, I have already printed out the sticky for the tests you guys recommend. I am very interested to find out my E2 levels. I have a feeling they may be elevated. If there is anything else I should be doing or possible missed please help me out and let me know.
Thanks for the support guys!

On a side note this process has been very stressful on me because my wife is very concerned about my fertility (As am I) and my future fertility. I told her before I do any HRT that would affect my fertility I would get a sperm count first to verify if I can even have kids.


There are better ways of getting Iodine (supplements, etc) then simply taking 1 teaspoon of Iodinzed salt. I do not believe that is what KSman meant when he recommended increasing iodized salt intake.


I actually went to CVS and got some Iodine. The pharmacist said to simply apply to the skin and it will be absorbed.


interesting. Have not heard of that idea before, but it makes sense I guess. I need to think about it for a bit.


Good morning everyone.
Just a follow up. Due to my waking body temps being in the low 96â??s I started to take Lugols iodine 5%. I was applying it to the skin, however I started to drink it this week. I have been taking one squirt a day? Lol I do not know the measurement of the little tube. Anyway my temps for this week are as follows.
Mon 96.0
Tues 96.4
Wed 97.0
Thurs 97.0
Fri(Today) 97.0
I seem to be stuck at around 97.0. I am wondering if I should increase my dosage. The one thing I have noticed while taking the iodine is that my hands and feet donâ??t seem to be as cold all the time as they use to be. I also have noticed my skin has been very clear. No pimples or anything like that. I usually use to get at least one or two pimples a month in random areas of my bodyâ?¦ Oddly enough I never got pimples on my faceâ?¦ Other then that no change in Libido or any other symptoms. Still no morning wood est.â?¦

I went to my allergist and got a workup done on my allergies. The only food allergens I seem to have are Mangos and Hazel nuts. Both of which I do not eat anyway. I will bring these results with me to the Endo. (On a side not I am currently on allergy shots for my other allergens .. mold, dust, mits,some trees est..Have been getting shots for the past year, I have been having my symptoms way longer then that though.. So I donâ??t think my allergy shots are a cause.)

I am scheduled for the Endo Thursday this coming week. I will bring all my blood work, allergy and waking temp results with me. I have a copy of the sticky with all the blood work that is recommended and request those to be done.


I don't know how accurate the iodine skin patch test is but I thought it was interesting and worth a try. The test consists of painting a patch of skin with iodine tincture and timing the hours that it takes for the stain to dissapear. if it dissapears in under 4-6 hours your body is iodine deficient. The theory is that the body only absorbs what it needs.
I also found it interesting that some of the docs are recommending 13+ grams per day of iodine in contrast to the RDA of 150mg.


Yea when i went to CVS they told me to apply it to the skin. I was doing that for the first week or so however i was not in a position to let the liquid sit on me for that amount of time. They told me 2-4hrs. Anyways the stuff left a ugly stain on my skin from the solution. It took days to go away. That led me to taking it orally. When i started doing that my temps jumped to the 97's as compared to the previous week 96's. Not sure if i should increase my dose or not because i have been stuck at 97 for three days. I think i need to be around 97.3 or above.

Another thing i thought of.. I have not had the flew since i was a child. I wonder if the fact that i am iodine defienct causing my tempts to be low stop me from getting a fever? lol i dont now, just thinking out of the box here.


I'm glad to see that your temps are rising at least a little. Have you noticed any change in energy levels or metabolism?
I suffer from the same low temp problem, but neither of my docs (family practice & Men's Hormone center) will order the thyroid tests. I will get them done from LEF shortly, but in the mean time I may try something similar to what you are doing.


As far as metabolism goes I have noticed that I am going pretty regularly every day at least two times. Before starting the iodine I usually would go 1 sometimes two times a day. I have noticed that 2 times a day is becoming more normal this week. Umm I never thought of that. I will have to weigh myself later LoL. My diet hasnâ??t been too good for the past couple weeks due to school/work.
I have not noticed any noticeable change in energy this week. Maybe I will need more time to notice that.


Another update.
My waking body temp as of this morning has finally reached 97.3.
Very odd though because i did not take my iodine this weekend at all. I am wondering if i should continue to take the iodine still.I think that I will try taking it once or twice per week to see if that will help my temp stay the same. If not i will increase / decrease dosage depending on results.


You need to work out those details on your own. Only you can become an expert at how your body works. Expect that the data and results can be confusing. Some processes take a while to change, so have time delays in mind for anything that you do.


With a 210 testosterone count I'd be surprised if you could even father a healthy child if you wanted to. HCG alone most likely won't work. Maybe you sexually exhausted yourself or are a victim of estrogen hormone poisoning in meat or flouride poisoning in tap water or plastics poisoning producing more estrogen stress.


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KSMan, please stfu and keep telling people their adrenals are off. You may not like what I have to say. That is too damn bad unfortunately because you don't own the internet. A google search will show flouride inhibits thyroid functioning and elevates cholesterol in animal tests. Synthetic estrogens are real. If you have hypofunctioning testicles you most likely have a lower than normal sperm count. This is common sense bro - and just because it wasn't quoted from the bible of Dr. John doesn't mean it has no basis.


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