Help w/ Full Body Power Clean Part 2 Regarding 5's PRO, FSL, & BW Assistance

First off I’ve read both books a couple times and so far I’ve done 1 body weight cycle, and 7 weeks beyond (7th week deload). I got convinced to try cleans and now I’m addicted so I want to do the Full Body Power Clean variation with deadlifts because I love deadlifts too.

My questions are:

  • Would you recommend 5’s PRO and FSL to this template, if so how would you recommend it be programmed?
  • Where would you recommend band pull aparts, push-ups, and chins to be supersetted?
  • Where would you recommend me do GHR, Dips, and Chins assistance work?
  • Can I substitute dumbbell bench with barbell FSL weight of that week, but keep the same reps and sets recommended in the template?
  • Can I substitute dumbbell rows for inverted TRX rows as a superset possibility?

Thank you!

  1. I wouldn’t.
  2. These can be done using the assistance work mentioned on this forum and my personal forum.
  3. See above.
  4. Yes, but only used as a “Leader” template.
  5. I wouldn’t.

Don’t mess with Texas or the Template.

Thanks that helped cleared things up a lot.

For my warmups I usually follow your jump rope routine in the original book then sort of Frankenstein Agile 8, Limber 11, and some Kelly Starrett mobility on body parts I feel need extra attention. After I do 3x10 10lbs. chest passes. Right after workouts I’ve been doing a lot of stretching and it’s been helping me recover and stay fluid in my jiu-jitsu.

I was thinking maybe something like this would work:

PC superset with 30sec psoas stretch
Squat superset with 30sec psoas stretch and 10 pushups
Barbell FSL weight superset 25x band pull aparts
75 chins
75 GHR

PC superset with psoas stretch
Squat superset with 5 box jumps and 30sec psoas stretch
Bench superset with 25x band pullaparts
75 chins
75 GHR

Squat superset with 5 box jumps and 30sec psoas stretch
Deadlift superset with 10 pushups
Press superset with 10 chins
75 dips
75 GHR

Body weight accessory workouts for my triceps, lats, and hamstrings are something that I feel benefit me most in my Jiu-Jitsu performance. So logically placing dips, chins, and GHR in my workout is huge for me since those are the areas in my body I feel need the extra attention given my performance output on the mats.

Another thing in regards to my squats. There are time I do feel like I would get stuck or struggle to come out of the bottom. Would it be alright to add 1 FSL set to just my squats?

Also I wanted to thank you Jim for your word on GHR on how if you suck at them keep doing them until you don’t suck. This workout alone has been absolutely phenomenon in my Jiu-Jitsu and stabilizing my squats and deadlifts.