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Help w/ First Time Blast

Guys: I’m usually over in the TRT forum but wanted to get your input. I’ve been on trt for a couple years. Currently running about 24mg test daily IM.

I have enough test stockpiled to run about 350mg a week for 12 weeks. I have arimidex on hand.

My question is should I switch my protocol to just once a week 350mg shot or stick with a daily protocol, dividing up the 350mg into something like 50mg daily?

I’ve been a gym rat since about 14 and I’m now 40. Never done a cycle other than trt.

Just wanting to try it.

Are you running prop ester? Even with low SHBG to sure why you would pin daily on long ester. Just go up to the 350mg and pin 2x per week. Don’t add in your AI unless you need it from symptoms. Revert back to old TRT protocol when done with blast.

Normally id say no need to pin daily if your pinning a long ester but if it’s what your used to and you have gotten into that routine then i would go ahead and continue that so you don’t break the habit when its time to go back to trt dose.

Running test cyp.

I tend to do better on trt w more frequent doses although not opposed to trying something different.

That would be .25ml/day subQ? If you like daily no need to stop that.
It would be a good idea to know how thick your blood is when you start.
HCT came go up pretty high on some folks. I take my blood pressure daily its usually my first clue.
When I blast from 80mg/wk to 400mg/wk I don’t really notice much for about 4 weeks.
I usually let my E2 run high I think it protects my joints. I only take an anastrozole pill if I become extra sensitive to sad stories.
Good luck roscoe. I can’t wait to see how this goes for you.

I do IM.

my last hematocrit was apps 46 I believe.

I still am working up the nerve to try this blast.

No need to donate blood at 46. Its pretty anticlimactic to be honest with you. It takes about 4 week at the high dose to start to feel a little stronger at the gym. You will notice a boost to your endurance if you usually do an hour at the gym before zonking you will be able to do 90 minutes.
If you exercise for hypertrophy an your muscles usually hurt for 48 hours the soreness will be gone in less that 24. When you get that feeling for the first time you should test yourself and on one of your favorite exersizes you know well take it to failure. That is when you will really notice the cycle is working.

You will notice your skin is getting oily faster and your BO will stink more requiring more frequent showers. I am on day 59 of my Spring blast. Doing 380 did not have enough for 400 will do 400 this fall.

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