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Help w/ Fat Loss

I think i may have turned myself into a dreaded skinny fat! I weighed 190lbs about 4 months ago and due to LOTS of biking I lost a bunch of weight. i weighed myself this morning and i weighed 167lbs. My goal is fat loss, but I thought at 167lbs I would be ripped. What is the next course of action I should take? Please help!


2750 calories Training Days
2500 calories Non Training Days

Training Days:
55% fat, 15% carb (due to 1 serving Surge before/during/after training), 30% protein

Non Training Days:
60% fat, 5-10% carb, 30-35% protein


Waterbury inspired 3 full body per week, 30s rest this week, cutting down 5s each week



Weighted Dip
Weighted Chinup



Good Morning superset w/ DB Lunges
Incline DB Press
DB Lunges
DB Row


30 reps total

Standing Military Press
DB Lunges
T-Bar Row

how long have you been restricting carbs that low?
that may be a culprit of muscle loss if you’ve done it for an extended time

Your carb intake is a little low, you now have a fairly low body fat and should have fixed your insulin sensitivity. Carbs will help you as you now need to slow bump up your calories and slowly add mass while maintaining your bodyfat. Time you carb intake at breakfast and around your workouts. Slowly increase calories until you start gaining mass, don’t go overboard, or you will put the fat back on rapidly. Also, shift some of the fat cals to lean protein sources and good sources of carbohydrate like fruits, veggies, whole grains. At any point you feel like you have gained unnecessary fat, take a week or two and cut it back off. Proceed and repeat for the next 3-6 months, then reevaluate.

i have been at this carb level for about a week but:
before i was carb cycling here’s what my carb intake has been for the previous months:

~400-450g including fiber on biking+weights days (fibrous veggies, fruit, clif bars, and oats/oat bran were the only carbs i ate)
~100g NOT including fiber, on biking only days (from fibrous green veggies)

i also took two weeks off from all training because i felt really rundown, but i kept my diet super tight @ 2500 cals super low carb. now i am doing the plan outlined above with no biking only really LISS on off days thanks