Help w/ Dong Quai, Tongkat Ali, and Fenugreek

Hi everyone
I’m a newbie. Hopefully this is a friendly forum. :slight_smile: I’m 54 and I’m trying to increase my testosterone levels. I’ve spoken to a doctor and he has determined that I need to do so. So without getting into why this needs to be done and all the diagnosis behind it and how this was determined, my goal is to increase my testosterone levels.

So with that goal and a whole lot of reading, it seems like there are a few supplements that do this naturally. And certainly a change to more of a plant based, fish, and non-GMO diet was a good place to begin. And I’ve enjoyed eating this way. I’ve heard DHEA is good but being that I’m a bi-polar guy, that’s probably not such a good idea.

It seems like dong quai, tongkat ali, and fenugreek are supplements that are helpful to this end. For about 3 weeks now I’ve been taking:
1130mg of Dong Quai
400mg of (200 to 1) Tongkat Ali
1220mg of Fenugreek
I take this dosage in the morning each day…usually on an empty stomach

Is there any reason why I shouldn’t take these?
Will this combination harm me?
What do you think about the quantity of each?
Any other suggestions about what to take?

Thank you all so very much for your wise counsel. I greatly appreciate it.

Male or female?

i measured my T before starting with a combo of tongkat ali and fenugreek, and it was 22 units, and after being on the combo a while i measured my T again and it was 33 units

quite good increase imo

I will be surprised if you get many replies here …

This is a bad start IMO. Come to a board asking for advice but unwilling to tell anything about why you think you need anything. The only diagnosis that means anything is going to be blood, saliva or urine hormone testing. I am guessing you had none of the three.

But I have a minute, so I will bite.

Dong Quai - I wouldn’t come near it. Too little is known; and what is known, has indicated that it can reduce T levels and raise Estrogen.

Tongkat Ali - Does NOT increase T levels. IF you have high SHBG, then tongkat ali MIGHT reduce SHBG, giving you more free T, but NOT total T. And there is very little Tongkat Ali root on the market that works. I can’t find any, and I have tried multiple countries.

Fenugreek - I have no opinion.

You really want help??? You won’t get it hiding behind vague references to secret diagnosis. Just my two cents …

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I have never heard of a man taking Dong Quai. That’s why asked of OP was male or female.
I would try Maca first.