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Help W/ Diet for 2 Weeks on Appalachain Trail


The question I have is this:

I will be hiking 2 weeks on the Appalachian Trail (150 miles) with a heavy pack as a senior project and I was looking for some help on a diet plan during those 2 weeks. The sponsor at my school, who has hiked the entire trail and is an experienced backpacker, has recommended shitty food like candy, mac and cheese, ect. I would like to use the 2 weeks to lean out and not lose muscle mass.

I currently use CLA, fish oil, Metabolic Drive, Surge, muscle milk, and glutamine. Which of these supplements would be good to pack for the trip?

Any help would be great. I don't want to get stuck eating candy bars and easy mac the whole time. My stats are 210 14 %bf. I am currently cutting right now.


Metabolic Drive powder and bars. don't forget a nalgene or a shaker! Keep the bars in a cool place or else they melt. Duh.

Take a bunch of oatmeal and jerky too. You should also try some of those predrained tuna soft-packs.


Along with these anything dried which make it light and lasts. Beef jerky, fruits, nuts, etc.