Help w/ Diet - Check Out My Fitday

I have been dieting seriously for about a month now and I think I’m starting to hit a plateau. I’m not sure if I need more calories or less calories. I have always “known” that you eat less to loose weight and eat more to gain weight. However, there are many here who suggest to people to eat 3000+ diets to lose fat and I have read articles on here stating that a fat loss plateau may be the result of to much calorie restriction. Needless to say, I’m completely confused.

Here is my fitday summary:

My stats are:

Ht: 58"
Wt: 225
BF%: 30.6%
Caloric goal: 2000/day
Protein goal: 250 - 300g/day
Carb goal: <50g/day
Fat goal: none

Free weight circuit training using compound movements such as squats, deads, bench presses, military presses, & pullovers three times per week. I try to do cardio a few times per week as well. When doing cardio I try to spend half my time in an aerobic zone and have in an anaerobic zone (i.e. conversation zone & feel like I am dying zone).

Short term:
Decrease BF% and maintain strength. Increase aerobic strength to run mini-marathons with friends.

Long term:
Increase muscle mass while maintaining a low BF%.

As you can see from my fitday summary, I have been eating very clean and within my goals. I have the occasional cheat meal or cheat snack - but they are minimal. The first couple weeks I lost 10 lbs but I haven’t lost any weight in the last 2 weeks. I don’t know if I have slowed my metabolism down or if I haven’t created enough of a caloric deficit

Also, I have been steadily increasing the weight of all my exercises. I assume I am increasing my muscle mass a bit, but I also assume it’s not very significant.

You are taking the right steps so far. I do not see enough variety in you’re diet, and frankly am discouraged by the reeses pieces. Did you eat a whole bag? You should add more veggies like beets, broccolini, and corn (all good tracer foods). You need to improve the efficiency of your gunny works. You may also need a fiber supplement if your protein intake becomes very high, lord knows I do.

Spaghett - thanks for checking out my fitday. Typically, I will overestimate my cheats. Three of us went to the movies, someone got a bag of reeces and like an IDIOT I ate some. I have no idea how many servings I ate so I grossed it up. I looked up how many servings were in a big bag and I assumed I ate most of them - weather I did or didn’t.

Also keep in mind that I code most veggies as broccoli - this is just lazyness. Although most of my veggies are in fact broccoli, I do get in lots of grean beans, grean peas, spinach, and cauliflower. Since most of these veggies are mostly water and fiber with very few calories I just lump them all as broccoli.


What is broccolini? What are gunny works?


Maybe I jumped the gun a bit here. Looking at my last week I had a few bad meals and snacks. No doubt they slowed down my progress.

Let’s just let this thread die…