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Help w/ CW High Frequency Training

Hello all,

I need some more help…i’ve just reached phase III of the CW High Frequency Training. All was going particularly well until i found out that trying to do an AM and PM workout on the same day isn’t something that i can follow strictly, beacuse of my job it isn’t always practicable or easy to fit two separate training days into one day…i’m absolutely gutted because i was loving the program so far.

What i was wondering from you guys is do you know of any other workouts that are available which will produce the same intensity, goals etc? I’m new to all this so really don’t wanna fall flat on my face…many thanks in advance!

Oh, one more, has anyone experienced any side effects whilst using HOT-ROX Extreme???

Thanks again in advance


I did HFT for 3 months and haven’t found a program yet that matches its intensity and volume. I had to stop due to joint pain, but I might try it again now that I’m on Flameout.

Doing doubles IS a pain, but as with everything else in life, if you want it bad enough you’ll find a way. I would get up at 5AM and get to the gym by 6, lift for an hour, and still get to work by 7:30. I’d hit it again at 4PM. It just became part of my schedule (as was getting to bed by 8!).

There are lots of other programs to choose from. If you like Waterbury, just go to his author page and scroll through the pages of articles for him.

I used HOT-ROX when I tried the “Get Shredded” diet. I felt a bit on edge when taking it, but didn’t notice any other problems.

Good luck!

Hey Vic,

Thanks for the reply its much appreciated.
I do like to Waterbury methods and was loving this particular one, unfortunately for me i work so many silly shifts as a police officer, its sometimes hard to get the whole thing to balance correctly.

I thought about trying the german volume training (10x10) as this is also supposed to be quite a good one, i guess we all react differently to these kinda things huh!

As for HOT-ROX, i know what you mean about feeling on edge, but i’m also experiencing a lull in the “libido” section to…not good!

(too much information i know)

Hmm you could switch to a bodypart split and keep your rest times down to 15-30 seconds, or do only supersets and giant sets.

If you can do the hfrequency stuff then you already have good enough endurance to swap over to something as intense.


You might want to take a look at Joel Marion’s Stripped Down Hypertrophy routine. It focuses on relatively short duration (40-45 minutes) full-body workouts - 5 times/week. I’ve bee using it for 3 1/2 weeks now and like it alot.

Hope this helps



I really appreciate all the advice, its building me up slowly but surely…looks like i have a few new workouts to try out!

Cheers all!

I know its a pain in the ass, but its only for a few weeks. To be honest all the weeks you put in before hand are suppose to get you ready for the 2 a days.

I understand what you are saying about your shifts, but there is no chance to fit them in? Can you cut back an hour somewhere else. I would hate to see you do Waterbury’s HFT only half-way. The HFT is what got me into Waterbury and 3 years of Waterbury programs later I haven’t looked back.

This routine asks you to make some sacrifices and the 2 a days make the program. It isn’t high frequency without them. Maybe try some of Chads other programs and when you have time go back to this one, but if I were you I would finish what you started.

The HFT program was the first program I ever completed on this website and I made massive gains while I was on it. I might just go back to it because it worked so well for me. Though I did have to soak my body in a hot tub daily to reduce soreness. Just complete the program once and you will be able to do any other program.

I hear what is being said, but i tried to do the AM and PM workouts and only managed to fit one of the days in doing the Am and PM workout, unfortunately when i go to work there is no absolute guarantee that i will finish when i’m supposed to which is a pain in the ass, and i guess training after an 18 hour shift then getting only 4 hours sleep aint really going to help?!

I really love the Waterbury methods and thought i could fit this in but…no can do at the moment, hence why i asked for you guys to point out any more effective routines

Thanks for the posts guys, much appreciated