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Help w/ Confirming Stanozolol

I’ve been sifting through some journals looking for the simplest protocol for the confirmation and concentration of an unknown sample, presumably stanozolol. I’m not quite a doctor of chemistry, several years from it, but I’ve got the ambition. I want to use as few reagents and/or instruments as possible. I’m not trying to identify conjugates (metabolites), just stanozolol. I was thinking of maybe LC/MS with methanol as the eluant would be a good and simple first approach.

Any knowledgable persons have any experience and/or suggestions with purification and/or identification?

I’m not sure what kind of equipment you have available to you, though I’d assume that since you have access to LC/MS testing equipment that you’ll likely have an extensive lab setup.

With that said, have you thought about Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy or X-ray powder diffraction? LC/MS would be fine, but if you have complications with it you may substitute the test for one of the others, or use them in conjunction.

LC/MS is my preferred method. If you’ve got a TOF mass spec, the mass spectrum is really simple for TOF devices. Heck if it’s in the powder form just put it in a solution and go; you don’t even need to put it through HPLC for purification unless you get a bad mass spectrum.

IR would work, but it seems to me the spectrum would be extremely complicated if you have any impurities at all. Since it picks up the vibrational frequencies of anything in solution, you could get some very complex readings if there’s anything else. Especially if they have the same key functional groups attached. Then again, it’s been a long time since I used IR.

x-ray diffraction could work, as could NMR once you get it in solution.

Thanks for the info fellers, though, to tell you the truth I’m scared shitless to bring it with me to the lab. I’ve got too much to lose. I don’t regularly work with the spectrometers, and would certainly gain attention. I could do it at night when no ones around but again, too scared. So, that being said, I think I might use a medical/reference laboratory. Tell me this, if I sent a sample of non-biological origin(in the U.S.), would the proprietor of the laboratory be obligated to report it, if confirmed positive. I know, though not entirely for certain, that if it is a sample of biological origin (i.e. urine) it would be protected under HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) regardless if I am a healthcare provider or not, correct? I’ve used labs in the past when I was in a drug-free job for carboxy-THC and I am not a HCP. I was thinking of maybe sending a piss sample, diluted of course, to say just below LD50(haha), and see what I get back. I’ll tell em’ just to test for stanozolol under the presumption that it may or may not be metabolized. Does this sound like a safe and jailproof plan?

One more thing, if it is confirmed positive this does not mean there aren’t any other toxins. This would have to be followed up with purification. I’m gonna streak the solution on blood agar to see if there are any boogers in it, and microfilter if there are. However, I’ve noticed Stanozolol ain’t so soluble. This would make it difficult to collect all the solute in a 0.2 um microfilter. What solvent(s) does it have the best solubility product with?

So I’m guessing you got your hands on some stanozolol powder, and you’re worried it’s got toxic ingredients, if it’s even legit in the first place?

It sounds like you may not trust your source. I’m pretty sure you can send just about anything to an independent laboratory to get tested. I’d imagine their website would list privacy practices. Each lab typically has a list of substances it can test for, and most have testosterone and related compounds on their lists. I’d imagine you’d be fine, but check the privacy regulations as they may be different for each company.

Thanks Schwarz and no I don’t trust black-market products, not when it comes to my life. Frankly, I think I’m an idiot enough already for even going done this avenue considering the legal implications. I’m no virgin to AAS use but if ya get caught, sure is a big shit sandwich your eating.

No offense to the Chinese (most likely where it came from), but look at what happened to our veterinary foods and that’s a regulated market.

Germany huh? Lived there. Great place. Wish I could have stayed. Called Kaiserslautern home for a couple years.
I did natural bodybuilding for a time, took 2 years to be even worthy of getting on stage. Just thought I might give myself that little edge that everyone comes here looking for but I don’t know anymore. Maybe, I’ll just stay the skinny chump that I am now and say the hell with it. Thanks for all the great info. Sure are some willing and helpful people here. Wished I lived in a country where I could smoke ganja and use “fitness supplements(imo)” at my own educated discretion.