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Help W/ Balancing Build

OK. I am soon going to begin bulking after I have just been resting for 3 weeks, but before I begin I would like to get rid of some imbalances I have. My left leg is weaker than my right. My left back is much less Developed than my right, and my left chest is also a little less deveoped than my right.

The problem is, Im my stronger side is worker harder when I do large lifts such as Bench, Squat, Bent over row and Military Press.

Any pointers on how I can balance the workload between both side of my body while doing the larger Barbell lifts?

Ive began doing Db work. Pretty much using bad form for the compound lift screwed me over from the start. But im having trouble trying to correct my form.

Well there are plenty of unilateral exercises you can do, Legs: bulgarian squats, split squats, lunges, one legged deadlifts. Back: one armed rows with db’s or cables. Chest: one armed db press. Shoulders: Alternating db press.

Start on the weak side first. After you finish your weak side, do the same amount of reps on the other side.

If your form is bad, I recommend lowering the weight.

Also, 1 legged legpresses instead of squats. 1 legged hyperextensions etc…

Doesn’t mean you can’t bench or squat anymore, just replace some of your exercises with these 1-sided counterpart.

And start out with the weakest side and do the other side with the same weight and reps.

Use DB’s in an alternating fashion for your major lifts. Concentrate hard when you are using your weaker side. I think a few week routine of DB’s will help these imbalances.

As suggested, you can do: one arm row, one legged squats, alternating shoulder press, any variation of bench press, ec…

As mentioned above, use DB lifts to catch your weak side up on strength.
If you continue to use the barbell lifts (and there is no reason why you shouldn’t), drop the weight some, and focus on form rather then weights. Lift slower than normal; I am not suggesting you use a super slow cadence and count to 4 or 8 or whatever, just focus on slowing down and keeping that bar balanced. Use a partner to keep you in check.

1 arm barbell rows
1 arm barbell clean and press
1 arm barbell snatches

Try using unbalanced barbells as well, you dont have to spend extra time on dumbell exercises. just load 5 more pounds on the side of the barbell that will be moved by your weaker side.