Help w/ Arimidex Dose for Test E Cycle?

I’m wondering how much arimidex I should start off taking for my first test cycle. I’ll be taking 500 mg test e / weekly along with 500 IU of HCG weekly. Would the HCG probably effect my arimidex protocol? I’m thinking I should start at .5 mg E3D and I will bump up to .5 mg EOD If I get signs of high estrogen.

It’s different for everyone. I know guys that run 750mg test with no air and are fine. I’d have bitch fits if I did that. I get little gyno bumps on as little as 150.

I’d have it on hand, and see if you have high e sides. Your starting point seems fine though. .5 mg 12 hrs after each shot is where I’d begin

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If for some reason I’d get signs of low estrogen on that, should I bump down to .25 E3D? I just wanna cover all my grounds

I’d start with nothing at all. Nipples start getting sore, and add some in. I doubt you’ll crash your e2 on .5mg e3.5d. But if you feel like an amgry bitch and your joints hurt you might have. I’ve done it and it sucks. Yeah, then just back off a little. Hopefully you won’t need anything at all. Feel around and behind your nipples though. I’ll get lumps with no soreness.

This might be worth noting, I’ll probably be pinning Monday And Thursday at about 3 PMish, I can’t really wake up at 3 AM to take arimidex, so when should I take it?

Just somewhere in that window… 9 hrs, 18 hrs. It really won’t make that much of a difference. Just take it before you go to bed or first thing in the morning.

That said you CAN get up and do it. I take a shot every night at 2:30am. But I’m an OCD dude!

That’s some serious dedication! I’m barely able to remember which days are pin days unless I look at my calendar

Honestly I think I’ll start with .25 the morning after pinning from week one, and go up if I need too. I don’t wanna start without AI but I also don’t wanna risk tanking my E2. Thank you for the help

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You’ll know if you tank it. You’ll be super irriatable and stiff, but back off and a week later you’ll be fine. Actually probably good to do it once so you can know what signs feel like and make adjustments as needed. I take .5 EOD but I’m super sensitive to aromitization. If your taking hcg that will aromatize as well

I wouldn’t purposely tank your E2. There is a fine line of having low E2 and crashing it completely. For some a crashed E2 can take weeks or a month or more to really recover from. This can extremely hinder a cycle. This is just my opinion. If I start getting any signs of low E I back off AI and am back to normal in a couple days but IV watched a few friends crash there’s and it has looked miserable… Some to the point where the gym isn’t even an option til they are back on track

Personally I’ve crashed E2 twice. Misery… took awhile to recover too. I second the opinion of starting your dose low and upping it as needed.


Just to be clear I’m not proposing the guy tank it on purpose. Just saying that if it happens at least he’ll then know what the sides feel like and can feel it coming in the future.

I’ve only crashed once. Doc upped my script of test and told me to take 3mg a week for the first two weeks. BAD IDEA. He’s usually great but that was a dumb one. I learned and moved on.

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3mgs of arimidex a week? Daaamn

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Why not just run 10mg tamoxifen a day?

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Yeah it ended up being excessive. 1.5 was the sweet spot for me. He had me on 400mg and that was too high so I just rake 250 and stockpile for blasts

I’m going to ask him next time I have labs I’m march. I only have to go in every six months so hopefully he’ll be cool with that. It does seem the better choice.

Are you really going to ask your TRT doctor for 10mg tamoxifen?


I’d like to ask a generic question for those blasting/cycling that have decided to start taking an AI (not tamoxifen) right out of the gate is there some target E2 number you are shooting for?

On TRT yes I want to target an E2 number because it all year long. But when blasting (((hell no))) I want all the E2 I can stand, without crying at every little sad story, to protect my joints. While blasting I am kicking a$$$ at the gym and I can’t have joint related injuries.



In 48 day I may have taken 3 anastrozole pills they were 0.125mg each. Because I got a little weepy over some stupid TV show. Other than that my ratio of 15-25% was spot on.
I would never try to get my E2 down to TRT levels while blasting/cycling. You would be just asking for joint related injuries.

Don’t use it at all unless you need it.

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He writes me both Aden and tamoxifen right now. Just a small quantity of tamox as a precautionary. I’m sure he’d be happy to switch me around. Shit he writes me 400mg of test a week. Lol

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